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World-leading DIR Dive Systems for everyday diving.  Underwater Explorers (DirDirect) is Europe's #1 Halcyon dive systems dealer - providing a complete range of Halcyon diving equipment with world-wide delivery. We're proud to be the first company to import Halcyon products into the UK as early as 2000 incorporating them into our own recreational/technical diver training. US-based Halcyon Manufacturing has from the very beginning produced only quality products made by divers for divers. We have hundreds of satisfied customers using Halcyon products world-wide in all diving conditions, from recreational dives to the most demanding and aggressive technical diving expeditions.


Halcyon Single Tank Adapter Weight

The Halcyon Single Tank Adaptor Weight fits inside the Halcyon convertible Single Tank Adapter. Weight: 2.7kg/6lbs. (Due to weight these items only ship within UK mainland only.)


Halcyon Stainless Spring Strap Buckle and Pin

Replacement spring heel buckle and pin for Halcyon Spring Straps. Does not include spring straps or delrin blocks.


Halcyon Thumb Loop for Adjustable Handle

Halcyon Thumb Loop for Halcyon Adjustable Handle. Comes complete with a srew to attach the loop.


Halcyon Torch Belt Loop

Replacement Halcyon light canister webbing belt loop


Halcyon Weighted Single Tank Adapter

Halcyon Weighted Single Tank Adapter is for divers who are able to remove unnecessary weight from their waist enjoy greater comfort and better in-water position. Convertible weighted single tank adapter, stainless steel, 6lbs weighted.


Halcyon Wing Replacement Bladder

Replacement inner or outer bladder for Halcyon Eclipse, Explorer or Evolve wings.

Type & Size

Harness Snoopy Loop

Replacement rubber snoopy loop for harness.


Light Switch for Halcyon Torches

Switch for Halcyon Pro, Proteus,Helios and Explore range lights.


P-Valve Connector - Standard

Standard Halcyon P-Valve connector without quick disconnect option. One side of the unit attaches to P-Valve hose and the other to the catheter. If you are looking for a quick connect/disconnect system, options are the She-P Quick Disconnector and the P-Valve Disconnector.


Rubber Band for Stage Bottle

Replacement 1" Rubber band for aluminum 7L and 80cf or 40cf stage bottles


Scout O-ring

Replacement o-ring for Halcyon Scout and Mini Scout.


Halcyon Wetnotes

Even the most casual diver will appreciate the advantages of the Halcyon Diver’s Waterproof Notebook. This high quality design provides easy access to pencils, notes, tables, and accessories. 



D-ring, 2" (51mm) stainless steel. Available in straight or bent used as a shoulder D-ring.

Straight or Bent

Halcyon Cookie Marker

Halcyon Delrin Line Cookie. Non-directional "cookies" mark a specific place on the line, but do not give directional information. Diameter 1 3/4"


Halcyon Line Arrow

No-nonsense white plastic Halcyon Line Arrow, with Halcyon logo embossed in blue. Soon to be found on the end of the line in cave systems around the world.


Halcyon Defender Pro 200 Reel - 60m

The Halcyon Defender Pro 200 is a unique new generation 60 metre spool-reel that combines the powerful utility of the Halcyon Pathfinder Reel with the elegant simplicity and portability of the Halcyon Defender Pro series of spools. The nearly indestructible  Defender Pro 200 can rapidly be converted from a Pathfinder style reel to a low profile and compact Defender Pro style spool, with all the benefits of the revolutionary Defender Pro Easy Grip adaptor. The unit comes both with the pathfinder-type handle and the adapter to give you maximum flexibility.


Halcyon P-Valve Service Kit

The service kit for Halcyon Streamlined P-valve includes replacement Duckbill Check Valve with holder, Umbrella "Flapper" Valve and cap o-ring.


Halcyon Pathfinder Reel 400 - 120m

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR UK OCEAN DIVING. The Halcyon Pathfinder® series of line reels satisfies the demanding requirements of exploration and the day-to-day needs of all divers with its performance-minded features. 400 feet #24 line, Stainless Steel double end clip.


Halcyon Pathfinder Reel 800 - 240m

800' Primary reel, #24 line, Stainless Steel double end clip. The Pathfinder® series of line reels satisfies the demanding requirements of exploration and the day-to-day needs of all divers with its performance-minded features.


Halcyon Weight Belt Buckle

Halcyon stainless steel weight belt buckle.


Halcyon ACB Replacement Pocket - 5lbs

Replacement pocket for Halcyon 10lbs Active Control Ballast.


Halcyon Weighted Harness Pocket

This innovative Halcyon Weighted Harness Pocket provides both convenient storage and flexible weighting. The pocket has the convenient design features you have come to expect from Halcyon pockets. Two triglides allow the diver to secure the pocket to either Cinch™ ACB holders or the waist strap of a Halcyon Secure Harness™ (non-cinch). The pocket can be secured to either side of the diver’s waist.


Halcyon Contour Sidemount System

The Halcyon Contour Side Mount System comes from the factory as a turnkey side mount system. The unit can be dived out of the box without the modifications that many other units on the market require.

The Halcyon Contour SM has a unique shaped wing allowing your center of gravity to be moved further down the body to accommodate the lower side mount cylinders meaning easier to trim out for the sidemount diver. The unique shaped wing requires no bungies for wing shape control. Lift capacity 40lbs or 50lbs.

Lift Capacity

Halcyon P-Valve Hose

Replacement hose for Halcyon Streamlined P-valve.


Halcyon Cinch Adjustable Harness

The Halcyon Cinch redefines what it means to dive a back-plate, building upon a platform of simplicity while providing unprecedented security and ease of adjustment.

If you need a quick way to get out of your dive system; if you regularly change the thickness of your diving suit; or if you train new students in Halcyon rental equipment, this new invention will change the way you dive.


Halcyon Flare Lighthead with e/o Cord

Halcyon FLARE™ lighthead is a powerful fixed beam version of the adjustable Focus light. Lighthead only with e/o cord. Battery not included.


Halcyon P-valve Cap

Replacement cap for Halcyon Streamlined P-valve.


Halcyon P-valve Duckbill Check Valve

Replacement duckbill valve for Halcyon Streamlined P-valve.


Halcyon P-valve Umbrella Valve

Replacement umbrella "flapper" valve for Halcyon Streamlined P-valve.


Halcyon Drysuit Pocket

Halcyon Exploration Drysuit Pocket Provides 18 cubic inches more storage than the standard bellows pocket, a tough top zipper, bungee loops in both the outer and inner compartments. 


Braided Nylon Reel Line

Replacement braided nylon line. #24 as a 1lb. spool, 207m. Approximate thickness 2 mm (as in most SMB reel lines).


Halcyon Cold Water Lockdown Screw

Replacement lockdown screw for Halcyon Pathfinders Defender Pro reels and spools.


Halcyon Manifold Service Kit

Original Halcyon manifold service kit, M25.


Halcyon Valve Service Kit

Original Halcyon cylinder valve service kit, M25.


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