More than "an online shop"

Divers serving divers since 1998

Same core team, same dedication, even better customer service for over two decades at Underwater Explorers | DirDirect.

As a brick-and-mortar dive shop based in Portland we serve divers in the UK and around the globe 24/7 with large stock in-store and worldwide delivery. 

Visit us or check out our centre website: is an online branch of Underwater Explorers in the UK which is staffed by divers serving divers around the world and in the United Kingdom.

UE's core team of instructors started operating in Weymouth (Dorset, UK) in 1998, contracted to take over management of the-then Weymouth Scuba Centre and starting to promote Hogarthian diving equipment and techniques. The centre/school then took over The Scuba Centre (formerly Parry's Dive Centre) in nearby Portland in the year 2000 and eventually focused directly on Hogarthian/DIR diving with the creation of Underwater Explorers Ltd. as a separate entity -- UK's first exclusively DIR/Hogarthian dive centre and training facility.

Despite being involved in assisting Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) being recognized in the UK and hosting the first GUE trips to and courses in the country, also becoming the first UK GUE Regional Centre, UE continued to conduct PADI/IANTD/TDI courses until focusing directly on cutting edge equipment sales, advice and workshops.

We are independent from any agency affiliation and serve all levels of divers world-wide, from beginner to technical and exploratory, providing quality equipment whatever their needs, agencies and diving styles.

Our centre is still based in Dorset, UK at one of England's prime boat and beach diving spots - only a couple of minutes away from the sea. Check out the view from our office! We're all divers and offer -- other than online sales -- equipment servicing, cylinder rentals, air, nitrox and trimix fills on site.

We hold a large stock of quality diving equipment and... before you ask, we are open weekends and UK Bank Holidays.

Underwater Explorers is a dive centre with a striking difference. It was born out of the concept of "Hogarthian" diving, safe and streamlined equipment configuration, using the most robust products available for recreational and technical diving but at the same time, keeping it simple.
It is based on the concept of "less is more" in diving and acts as an equipment outlet, training facility and location of sound advice. The cutting-edge robust equipment offered by Underwater Explorers shows its dedication to safe diving, its commitment to excellence and determination to lead the industry into a new age of lasting products.
As a supplier of the industry's leading manufacturers such as SANTI, Halcyon, Shearwater, Scuba Pro, DUI, Suex, Apeks, Dive Rite, Suunto to name a few, the shop is well-stocked with advanced purchases.
From twin sets to tailor-made harnesses, stage bottles to stainless steel bolt snaps, a range of webbing, fins, backplates and custom-length hoses, Underwater Explorers in store and DirDirect online is your one-stop shop if you are serious about diving.