Female diver with Halcyon Eclipse wing

Best Single Tank Wing Systems

The best single tank wing systems for scuba diving in UK waters have a rigid backplate and a webbing harness, are robust but comfortable, are easy to use, and provide good trim and buoyancy control, unlike most jacket-type BCs. In this review, we compare what we believe to be the best single tank wings for diving starting off with commonalities and listing the differences.
Apeks ThermiQ Graphene Lining

Apeks ThermiQ Graphene Explained

Graphene lining in wetsuits is a promising new technology that can improve wetsuits' warmth, flexibility, and drying time. Graphene is the thinnest and lightest material known to man and is also incredibly strong, making it an ideal material for lining in wetsuit material. Being a great conductor of heat, Graphene helps to keep the wearer warm by distributing heat evenly. In addition, Graphene is very flexible.
Batteries for SANTI Heating Systems

Batteries for SANTI Heating Systems

In this comprehensive review, we look at batteries for SANTI heating systems, comparing them for functionality, depth, burn times, weight and size to help you decide on which battery to choose for the type of diving you'll be doing and the heating layers you'll be using.
Shark Artemis Dive Torch

Shark Artemis Dive Torch - Big Power Long Burntime

When it comes to primary dive lights, the Shark Artemis Dive Torch offers a massive maximum output of 6000 lumens with three settings and a fantastic burn time whether you’re using the umbilical or handheld versions. In this review, we compare the two and share the highlights of this robust and reliable dive light.
SANTI Drysuits Compared - 2023 top drysuits

SANTI Drysuits Compared 2023

We bring you an updated comparison of top SANTI drysuits in 2023 to make it easier to choose what suits you best for the type of diving you do. Every SANTI drysuit is made to order to perfection with durability, diver safety and comfort in mind.
The Santi Blue Power Battery

The SANTI Blue Power Battery - New for 2023

Bringing modern technology and electronics together the SANTI Blue Power battery will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted and unflagging heat comfort over time. Blue Power battery allows 2 levels of heating and even an independent, non-invasive field replacement of the power cable if necessary.
Shearwater Perdix 2 Dive Computer

Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti Dive Computer - Best in 2023

In 2023 the Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti remains to be the best dive computer for mixed gas diving, supporting multiple gases with Open Circuit and CCR modes. As a Shearwater Demo Centre and leading UK-based dealer with worldwide delivery, we take a closer look to see what it's all about.
AP Diving SMB & Cylinder

What's the best SMB?

“What’s the best SMB?” is a question we often get asked in-store, where it’s easy to show and demonstrate the many types of SMBs together with the dozens of reels we hold in stock. But online, where we list so many of these, it’s not always easy to decide on the best SMB that will suit your needs. While we appreciate everyone has their own configuration and needs, this article aims to help you with your decision.
Warm Dives With Santi Heating Systems

Santi Diving Heating Systems

In this review of Santi Diving Heating Systems we're going into frequently asked questions we receive with a closer look at the Santi heated elements that come together to warm up your dives whether you're a recreational all-season diver or a technical diver.
Ammonite Torches Light Heads Compared

Compare Ammonite Dive Lights

We're being frequently asked if we can compare Ammonite Dive Lights and review the common points and differences. In this review we compare Ammonite System's three umbilical underwater primary torches to help you decide which suits you best: The Ammonite LED Nautilus, LED Solaris Nextgen and LED Speleo compared.
Orcatorch D630 review

Why we still love the Orcatorch D630 in 2023

The Orcatorch D630 is one of the most powerful and reliable canister dive torches on the market at its price point and our best seller since it entered the scene. Read why like many others we love the 150m depth rated D630 with its 7º focus beam with a whopping 4000 lumens of power than can be lowered for extended burn times.
XDEEP withdraws NX700 1st Stage from Market

XDEEP withdraws NX700 1st Stage from Market

XDEEP announced at end of December 2022 that the company has decided to withdraw all NX700 1st stage regulators from the market defining this recall as part of its commitment to quality and diver safety.
Surging Helium Prices <br> Hit Diving - Again!

Surging Helium Prices
Hit Diving - Again!

Brace yourselves! Helium prices going up big time. It started in  December 2022 with Air Liquide increasing its Diving Grade Helium price with surcharges by 200% and now in May 2023, a further summer shortage is expected to hit the third quarter of this year, likely extending into 2024 and affecting global prices.
Tackling the price hikes in diving

Tackling the price hikes in diving

One after another manufacturers of diving products have started to implement new price lists with increased prices that are traditionally released around the new year and this isn't just about the state of the UK economy. Nor does it appear to be the end of the road, given the global inflationary pressure. So we're investing & stocking up!
Santi Heating Drysuit Valves

SANTI Thermovalve 303 or Drysuit Connector

The SANTI heating system drysuit connector is a cheaper alternative to the SANTI 303 Thermovalve and can be used with existing SiTech or Apeks drysuit inflator valves. As we get a lot of questions on the difference between the two and which one to get, here's a short comparison with images.
Top Dive Lights Under £150

Top Dive Lights Under £150

Diving in the UK during the winter months has become more popular but as the days get shorter and darker, even daylight diving requires a decent, if not expensive, dive torch. So, we’ve decided to list for you what we believe to be the top dive lights for under £150.
Why a “new” DirDirect?

Why a “new” DirDirect?

Over the past months, we've been working hand-in-hand with designers and developers at UK-based Kubix Media to create a better user experience for all of you. Transforming into an easier to navigate, easy to search and far more mobile-friendly uplifted site based on our combined years of experience.
Adjustable Dive Harnesses for Wings

Not a fixed harness fan?

We often get asked if there is a way to make a continuous loop harness adjustable without compromise: Meaning, without adding any breakpoints and keeping the integrity of the webbing.