Why a “new” DirDirect?

Why a “new” DirDirect?

Over the past months, we’ve been working hand-in-hand with designers and developers at UK-based Kubix Media to create a better user experience for all of you. Transforming into an easier to navigate, easy to search and far more mobile-friendly uplifted site based on our combined years of experience.
Compare SANTI drysuits - 2022 top drysuits

SANTI Drysuits Compared

We bring you a comparison of top SANTI drysuits in 2022 to make it easier to choose what suits you best for the type of diving you do. Every SANTI drysuit is made to order to perfection with durability, diver safety and comfort in mind.
Adjustable Dive Harnesses for Wings

Not a fixed harness fan?

We often get asked if there is a way to make a continuous loop harness adjustable without compromise: Meaning, without adding any breakpoints and keeping the integrity of the webbing.
Shearwater Peregrine - Best Dive Computer of 2022

2022 Best Dive Computer

Ever thought of having an all singing and dancing Shearwater Perdix dive computer with crystal-clear LCD screen and reliable decompression mode when required – yet didn’t need the jazzy extras covering Helium or rebreathers? In comes Shearwater Peregrine.