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Starting off in 1998 with a love of diving, today's Underwater Explorers | DirDirect has blossomed from a local dive shop to a global outlet of cutting-edge equipment and sound advice. Through teamwork, creativity, and a thirst for adventure, we've built a supportive community and a globally renowned online store. Now, with over 25 years of experience, we're still passionate about sharing the wonders of the underwater world and helping divers of all levels explore safely and confidently.
Diver in Xdeep sidemount wing with multiple tanks
6 February 2024

Xdeep Sidemount Wings Compared

Xdeep Stealth 2.0 Classic, Tec or Rec? Which suits you best and what's future-proof for all-around sidemount diving, whether on wrecks and reefs in open water or the depths of caverns and caves? We take a look at what Xdeep offers, what's similar and what's different between them.
Shearwater Tern dive computers
25 November 2023

Shearwater Tern & Tern TX Dive Computers

Following their debut at DEMA 2023, the Shearwater Tern and Tern-TX dive computers have garnered attention for their compact design and versatile functionality. While both models share a sleek, lightweight profile reminiscent of the Teric, their feature set aligns more closely with the recreational Shearwater Peregrine. The Tern-TX, however, takes the capabilities a step further by introducing transmitter-enabled gas consumption monitoring, allowing divers to track their gas usage precisely. It also boasts a digital compass, enhancing underwater navigation.
Fourth Element Wetsuits
10 November 2023

Fourth Element Wetsuits

Fourth Element Wetsuits are some of the most advanced and innovative wetsuits on the market today. Designed with the needs of divers and water enthusiasts in mind, Fourth Element wetsuits are known for their superior performance, comfort, and durability. In this review, we take a closer look at Fourth Element wetsuits and explore their differences, providing insight into some of the most popular models for UK diving and travel so that you can find the perfect wetsuit for your needs.
Drysuit divers walking with P-valves on legs
15 October 2023

P-Valves: To Pee or Not to Pee Underwater

When we talk about using P-valves to urinate while diving in drysuits, safety is more important than comfort (although urinating without getting wet and cold underwater is certainly as comfortable as it gets during a dive). The most important thing is that P-valves allow divers to stay hydrated, which, as every diver knows, is essential for dive safety. Given dehydration significantly increases the risk of severe DCS, P-valves are about more than just comfort. They are an essential safety tool for all drysuit divers.
Man Wearing Diving Baselayer
13 October 2023

Guide to the Best Base Layers for Diving

With temperatures on the decline, we look at the crucial role of base layers in enhancing the warmth and comfort of divers underwater and on the surface, focusing on three reputable manufacturers to identify the best base layers for diving. What matters to us, being warmth, wicking properties, comfort and flexibility. Our vote goes to three leading manufacturers: Fourth Element, Apeks, and Waterproof - a blend of innovation, eco-conscious practices, cutting-edge designs and reliable, high-performance.
Shearwater Peregrine - Best Dive Computer of 2022

Shearwater Peregrine - Best Recreational Dive Computer

Ever thought of having an all singing and dancing Shearwater Perdix dive computer with crystal-clear LCD screen and reliable decompression mode when required – yet didn’t need the jazzy extras covering Helium or rebreathers? In comes Shearwater Peregrine.
Apeks MTX-RC Single Cylinder Tek Set

Apeks MTX-RC: Best Long Hose Set

In this post, we take a look at the Apeks MTX line of first and second stages, what the acronyms mean, how these regulators perform, what's common and what's different between them and why we believe the MTX-RC single tank long hose regulator set is the best all-inclusive out-of-the-box package for those going the long hose route.
Apeks regulators DS4 and DST review

Apeks DS4 or DST first stage?

In this comparison, we answer one of your most frequently asked questions about the difference and similarities between two of Apeks' workhorse regulators that are equally famous for their reliability and performance: The Apeks DS4 and DST first stage regulators. What's the difference?
Shearwater Dive Computers FAQ

Shearwater Dive Computers - Your Questions Answered

This review covers your most-asked questions about Shearwater Dive Computers as the UK's leading stockist and Shearwater Demo Centre. We often get asked which dive computer is the best, and our immediate response is the Peregrine if you are on Open Circuit and not using Helium or the Perdix 2 Ti. Especially if you are advancing into more demanding mixed gas diving, using Helium or looking for a rebreather backup computer.
XDEEP Diving logo and wing

What's so special about XDEEP?

"What's so special about XDEEP?" isn't the kind of question we get every day. That's because XDEEP has gained a worldwide reputation in a relatively short time for producing cutting-edge diving products at reasonable prices - without compromising quality. From backmount to sidemount as well as accessories, the name has become synonymous to quality, innovation and comfort.
Orcatorch D630 V2 Review

Why we still love the Orcatorch D630 in 2023

The Orcatorch D630 is one of the most powerful and reliable canister dive torches on the market at its price point and our best seller since it entered the scene. Read why like many others, we love the 150m depth-rated D630 V2.0 with its 7º focus beam with a whopping 4000 lumens of power that can be lowered for extended burn times.
Female diver with Halcyon Eclipse wing

Best Single Tank Wing Systems

The best single tank wing systems for scuba diving in UK waters have a rigid backplate and a webbing harness, are robust but comfortable, are easy to use, and provide good trim and buoyancy control, unlike most jacket-type BCs. In this review, we compare what we believe to be the best single tank wings for diving starting off with commonalities and listing the differences.
Apeks ThermiQ Graphene Lining

Apeks ThermiQ Graphene Explained

Graphene lining in wetsuits is a promising new technology that can improve wetsuits' warmth, flexibility, and drying time. Graphene is the thinnest and lightest material known to man and is also incredibly strong, making it an ideal material for lining in wetsuit material. Being a great conductor of heat, Graphene helps to keep the wearer warm by distributing heat evenly. In addition, Graphene is very flexible.
Batteries for SANTI Heating Systems

Batteries for SANTI Heating Systems

In this comprehensive review, we look at batteries for SANTI heating systems, comparing them for functionality, depth, burn times, weight and size to help you decide on which battery to choose for the type of diving you'll be doing and the heating layers you'll be using.
SANTI Drysuits Compared - 2023 top drysuits

SANTI Drysuits Compared 2023

We bring you an updated comparison of top SANTI drysuits in 2023 to make it easier to choose what suits you best for the type of diving you do. Every SANTI drysuit is made to order to perfection with durability, diver safety and comfort in mind.
The Santi Blue Power Battery

The SANTI Blue Power Battery - New for 2023

Bringing modern technology and electronics together the SANTI Blue Power battery will allow you to enjoy uninterrupted and unflagging heat comfort over time. Blue Power battery allows 2 levels of heating and even an independent, non-invasive field replacement of the power cable if necessary.
Shearwater Perdix 2 Dive Computer

Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti Dive Computer - Best in 2023

In 2023 the Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti remains to be the best dive computer for mixed gas diving, supporting multiple gases with Open Circuit and CCR modes. As a Shearwater Demo Centre and leading UK-based dealer with worldwide delivery, we take a closer look to see what it's all about.