Halcyon Aluminium Backplate
Halcyon Aluminium Backplate

Halcyon Backplate with Cinch Adjustable Harness

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Adjustable Halcyon Cinch Harness fully assembled with Halcyon Stainless Steel or Aluminium Backplate.

Steel or Ali Backplate

Steel or Ali Backplate


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Adjustable Halcyon Cinch Harness fully assembled with Halcyon Stainless Steel or Aluminium Backplate.

Halcyon Backplate:
Especially designed for mating with all Halcyon and conventional wings the Halcyon Backplate is available in 3mm Stainless Steel and Aluminum with utility holes allowing easy mating with the optional MC Storage Pak to stow a variety of lift devices.

Backplate weight only: Steel 2.3kg / Ali 0.8kg

Halcyon Cinch Harness:

The Cinch redefines what it means to dive a backplate, building upon a platform of simplicity while providing unprecedented security and ease of adjustment.

Halcyon Cinch

Halcyon developed the Cinch to save divers time and effort while sizing, fine-tuning and resizing your diving harness. Now you can change suits or divers and adjust the Cinch in a flash; all this without compromising the harness integrity or our trademark, continuous piece of webbing.

Adjustments to the Halcyon Cinch occur by simply sliding the harness through a unique, patent pending assembly. Now divers can easily adjust the fit of their plate in or out of the water a simple push or pull is all it takes.

If you need a quick way to get out of your dive system; if you regularly change the thickness of your diving suit; or if you train new students in Halcyon rental equipment, this new invention will change the way you dive.

Cinch Harness System components include:

  • Cinch adapter plate
  • Halcyon Harness Webbing
  • Separate left-hip D-ring assembly
  • Extension bolt
  • Bolts kit four stainless steel bolts with weldmate nuts
  • Right-hip light retainer assembly
  • Weight pocket attachment (pair)
  • Quick adjust crotch strap


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