DirDirect Warranty Policy

On this page you will find information on:

  • Our Warranty Policy
  • Exceptions & Limitations to Product Warranty
  • Defective Products and Returns

Underwater Explorers Ltd. trading online as DirDirect is an authorised dealer for all products advertised or sold through our stores. 

All products purchased from us conform to relevant UK and European standards. All products are covered by an original manufacturer warranty which is non-transferable and extends to the original purchaser only, subject to a valid proof of purchase. 

All warranties, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration set by the manufacturer without affecting your statutory rights. 

A warranty shall be void if any equipment is tampered with by a person (or persons) not authorised to perform service or modifications on behalf of the manufacturer or if regular servicing at intervals specified by the manufacturer is not carried out and recorded.

All warranty is applicable only to recreational use of our diving products by the original purchaser and does not extend to use of any purchased equipment for rental, commercial, governmental, or military purposes.

Please note: We cannot accept any liability for any damage resulting from the use of scuba diving or relevant equipment purchased from us by non-certified or untrained persons, or the use of equipment beyond its recommended depths or limits, or the use of equipment outside or beyond its intended purpose.


Unless it can be established for the following, that any issue is the direct result of a material or workmanship defect, product warranty does not extend to:

  • Items manufactured for underwater use which have regular servicing requirements imposed by the manufacturer for safe use - where such servicing has not been carried out by an authorised engineer and recorded (i.e. regulators, cylinders, BCDs and inflation systems that are required to be serviced at regular intervals). 
  • Accidental damage, cosmetic damage such as scratches, chips, fraying and nicks, abrasions, punctures, cuts or tears, seam separation inclusive of damage due to prolonged exposure to chlorine or ultraviolet rays are not covered by warranty.
  • Damage caused by improper use, improper maintenance, neglect, unauthorised repairs or modifications, third party battery leaks (where batteries are not supplied by manufacturer), if proper care of diving products as described by manufacturer is not performed or if any of these lead to accidents, fire, or casualty.
  • Parts subject to wear and tear, including and not limited to O-Rings, battery packs, umbilical cables, reflectors, connectors, front glasses on torches (surface scratches or damage on impact).
  • Punctures, (umbilical) cable and/or hose tear, breakage, rusting etc. due to accident or poor maintenance, poor after-dive maintenance and cleaning after equipment is used in salt/chlorine water.


Damage, tears and/or leaks due to prolonged use, bending, kinking, or folding, improper installation, strenuous routing of Low Pressure, High Pressure, Regulator Hoses and/or Umbilical Torch Cables are not covered by warranty unless the fault is established to be the direct result of a material or workmanship defect. 

Perishable rubber High and Low (Intermediate) pressure hoses and cables are guaranteed for 30 days from date of delivery against a fault developing in either the materials, connections, or workmanship during manufacture.

Floods and leaks (water ingress), punctures, broken bulbs, battery leaks, battery drain due to erroneous use, charging, reverse polarisation are not covered by warranty unless the problem is assessed as direct result of a material or workmanship defect. 


Where any issue is proven to be the direct result of a material or workmanship defect, manufacturer warranties apply. Any warranty is generally time limited without affecting your statutory rights.

Certain items, such as bulbs and batteries supplied by manufacturers as part of dive torches, transmitters, computer units etc.  used underwater are only covered by time-limited conditional manufacturer warranties that commence on the date a customer receives the product.

While it’s widely accepted that a year is a reasonable period for any manufacturing defects and faults to be identified, this period can be limited or extended for certain products. 

As battery life depends on usage, charging methods and times, number of charges, ambient temperature and other factors including the type of battery being used, battery packs and batteries supplied with products (where applicable) are covered only by conditional limited warranties (often ranging from 3 to maximum 6 months depending on manufacturer). 

Warranty details for individual items are available on request.


We do our very best to ensure that products supplied by us are as described and fit for purpose. Despite these measures, there may be isolated incidents where a product could arrive to you damaged during transit, with a defect or fault. If you believe a product you have purchased from us is faulty or defective, contact us as soon as you can before doing anything else.

  1. Please contact us in writing before returning any faulty/defective goods.  Failure to do so will void any right you have towards covering any return postage. Only pre-arranged/approved return costs can be covered if the product is found to be faulty or defective.
  2. If you purchase a product that turns out to be faulty or defective within 14 days after delivery, you can choose to reject it and return the product for inspection towards a replacement or refund.
  3. If any product returned to us in a reasonable time beyond the 14 day period after delivery is found to be faulty or defective, we will organise for a repair or replacement free of charge at our discretion. The provision of a repair/replacement is conditional on our service engineers, agents and/or the manufacturer.
  4. If any product(s) returned to us are not found to have a manufacturing fault or defect, all postage costs paid for on our part will be added to any repair authorised by you or charged to you separately should you not wish to proceed with a repair.
  5. For manufacturer warranty, please remember that while your statutory rights are unaffected, we deal with manufacturers on your behalf if any warranty issue arises within the first 6 months after your purchase and thereafter at our discretion. Whether an issue is under warranty is ultimately up to the manufacturer (and authorised agents) of that specific product to be decided under the terms of their warranty and pending an inspection of the product. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  6. The time a manufacturer/distributor handles a warranty claim differs between manufacturer/distributor and can also be affected by their location. Regardless of location or manufacturer any warranty claim we receive will be considered and replied to within a maximum of thirty (30) days.

You agree to take reasonable steps as requested by us to resolve the situation including, but not limited to, providing images of the said fault or defect, returning the item to us for assessment through a courier or postal service we authorise, or ensuring its availability for collection.