Ammonite LED Nautilus Focusable Light Kit
Ammonite Nautilus Focusable Light Kit
Ammonite LED Nautilus Focusable Light Kit
Ammonite LED Nautilus Focusable Light Kit
Ammonite LED Nautilus Focusable Light Kit
Ammonite Nautilus Focusable Light Kit

Ammonite Nautilus Focusable Light Kit

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The bright Ammonite Nautilus Focusable Light Kit with 4000-lumen output and operational burn times ranging from 4 to 10 hours allows you to adjust between a tight 9º beam to a perfectly round 45º wide beam, covering any diving condition.

Battery Size

Battery Size


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Why Portland?

We’re located on the Isle of Portland (in Dorset) because Portland has been one of the most popular scuba diving locations in the United Kingdom even before we set up operations here back in the year 2000.

On one side, we’re minutes away from the sheltered waters of Portland Marina and Harbour, while on the other, it’s just a brief walk to reach our famous scuba diving destination Chesil Cove and start of the 16-mile-long Chesil Beach.  

Portland’s location makes it ideal for scuba diving, freediving, snorkelling and other surface water sports activities. 

Check out how many wrecks we have around here by clicking on Scimitar Diving's Wreck & Dive Sites chart!

Alongside dive clubs, many instructors and dive schools travel here to train and offer scuba diving certification ranging from open water diver to mixed-gas tech diving or rebreather diving levels.

Whether you’re doing a boat dive from Portland Marina or Castletown or a shore dive at Chesil Cove, Portland is well known for offering many possibilities: Reef diving to wreck diving and night diving, underwater photography or underwater videography. Anything other than cave diving is possible here.

Likely being the best-stocked diving shop in the UK, at Underwater Explorers we offer in-store scuba diving equipment advice and sales, as well as gas fills, to locals and visitors (read About Us).

But... If you’re googling “scuba diving shop near me” like some, look no further, there's DirDirect online.

Here at DirDirect, we list our cutting-edge equipment for worldwide delivery and we’ve got you covered whatever your level of diving: We’re your local dive store wherever you are in the world.

All that with over 20 years of experience especially in technical diving, from training to equipment, advice and sales.


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The bright Ammonite Nautilus Focusable Light Kit with 4000-lumen output and operational burn times ranging from 4 to 10 hours allows you to adjust between a tight 9º beam to a perfectly round 45º wide beam, covering any diving condition.

If you’re looking for a bright and durable adjustable beam primary dive light, the Ammonite Nautilus Focusable Light Kit will cover all your needs.

Ammonite Nautilus specifications

Ammonite Nautilus Focusable Light Kit burn times

You can select between three light kits based on battery size, power and burn time required. Each Ammonite Nautilus Focusable Light Kit contains:

  • Nautilus Light Head and HD light cable (150m operating depth)
  • Chosen Ammonite battery (100m operating depth) and charger

Each of the batteries below, the Accu 10, Accu 14 and Accu 24 can also be individually purchased, meaning you can have more than one size of battery to cover any conditions, whether it's just for a short dive or extended bottom time and decompression. 

    Ammonite Nautilus Light Kit burn times

    Focusable beam Nautilus

    From an intense 9º focus to a 45º wide, perfectly round beam, the Ammonite Nautilus Focusable Light Kit was designed with the technical diver in mind for varying demanding conditions.

    The Nautilus light head uses the latest Cree CXB LED chip with a Fresnel lens that allows you to make the most out of the impressive 4000-lumen output.

    Ammonite batteries

    Ammonite Accu batteries are encased in a robust hard anodised canister. A lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery pack is completely free of the so-called lazy battery effect and protected against over-voltage.

    In the standard version, the batteries are fitted with a webbing fixed loop fastening to the hip belt. The batteries can also be equipped with alternative fastening systems Sidemount Battery Holder or Accu Clic Mount.

    The transport of lithium batteries is subject to international regulation, which can differ if the batteries are transported by air, sea or road.

    All Ammonite lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries comply with UN Transportation Testing (UN/DOT 38.3) for Lithium Cells and Batteries and ensure the safety of your lithium batteries during shipping.

    Compact design

    The smooth and compact design of the Ammonite Nautilus light head is perfectly balanced, making it easy to operate when in use with or without a Goodman handle. All these features are packed in relatively small housing that’s only 140mm long and 60mm in diameter. Yet while exceptionally durable, the Nautilus light head weighs 415g and 150g underwater.

Durable and reliable

    The Ammonite Nautilus light head is built from marine-grade aluminium alloy covered with a hard anode making it resistant to corrosion and mechanical scratches. The 6mm front glass is made of highly fatigue-resistant tempered glass. The Nautilus light head has been extensively tested in use and can safely go down to a depth of 150m.

Easy-to-operate switch knobs are lightweight but very tough and corrosion-resistant polymer (Delrin®).

    Take me home mode

    The inner microchip system signals a low battery level with a strobe flash. When the battery is drained, it automatically switches to take “Take me home” mode (light output at 20% light intensity).

    "Take me home" is a backup mode to which Ammonite umbilical lights switch when the battery is drained. Light will continue operating for at least 1 hour or more depending on the light and used battery. Light will only work in "take me home" mode until the battery is recharged.

    DirDirect Price Match

    Ammonite System is modular

    Due to the modular design concept, you can configure your umbilical light set regarding your needs.

    All Ammonite umbilical lights, cables, batteries and heating batteries are equipped with the same chinch-type connector. So when one of the parts wears out, or you would want to upgrade it, there are no obstacles to doing so.

    Modularity also affects the convenience of use and safety. For example, you can change the broken cable for a new one on the diving spot without sending it to the service centre.

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