Ammonite Speleo Mark II Light Head
Ammonite Speleo Mark II Light Head size
Ammonite Speleo Mark II Light Head
Ammonite Speleo Mark II Light Head

Ammonite Speleo Mark II Light Head

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The 3000-lumen Ammonite Speleo Mark II Light Head was designed with cave diving in mind. The Speleo Mark II strikes the perfect balance between power and operating time, making it an ideal light for a wide range of diving.


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The 3000-lumen Ammonite Speleo Mark II Light Head has been  designed specifically for cave divers but is an ideal light for a wide range of diving.

Its focused 6-degree beam, complemented by a gentle corona, provides excellent communication properties, giving divers heightened awareness of their surroundings. Whether exploring a sunken wreck or navigating a cave system, LED Speleo Mark II is the perfect light, delivering reliable and efficient performance every time.

Ammonite Speleo Mark II specifications

Ammonite System is modular

Due to the modular design concept, you can configure your umbilical light set regarding your needs.

All Ammonite umbilical lights, cables, batteries and heating batteries are equipped with the same chinch-type connector. So when one of the parts wears out, or you would want to upgrade it, there are no obstacles to doing so.

Modularity also affects the convenience of use and safety. For example, you can change the broken cable for a new one on the diving spot without sending it to the service centre.

Ammonite Speleo Mark II Light Head burn times

Ammonite System Speleo MK2 LED light head burn times vary depending on the battery you will be using as well as the power setting. The chart below is based on using the 9, 10, 14 and 24 Ah batteries.

Ammonite Speleo Mark II burn times

Speleo MK2 has three light modes

LED Speleo MKII provides up to 3000 lumens of light. It has an easy-to-operate switch knob that allows for better optimisation of the light amount. It features three operating modes that cater to a diverse range of needs.

In BACK-UP mode, you'll get approximately 20% of the maximum light output, while OPERATIONAL mode offers approximately 40%. And for maximum brightness, BOOST mode is the way to go.

But it's not just about brightness – adjusting the light output also helps to minimise backscatter in murky water conditions. And by changing the settings, you can also adjust the operating time of the light.

In OPERATIONAL mode, you can expect up to 10 hours of burn time, while in BACK-UP mode, it can last for over 25 hours when paired with the smallest Ammonite System battery, Accu Type 9.

BOOST mode offers maximum power when you need it the most, providing you with the brightest illumination possible.

So whether you're exploring a deep wreck or navigating a dark cave, the Ammonite Speleo Mark II Light Head has you covered. Its durable construction, versatile light modes, and long burn time make it the ultimate diving light for any adventure.

Take me home mode

The inner microchip system signals a low battery level with a strobe flash. When the battery is drained, it automatically switches to take “Take me home” mode (light output at 20% light intensity).

"Take me home" is a backup mode to which Ammonite umbilical lights switch when the battery is drained. Light will continue operating for at least 1 hour or more depending on the light and used battery. Light will only work in "take me home" mode until the battery is recharged again.

Compact design

The LED Speleo MKII’s compact and lightweight design makes it incredibly easy and convenient to operate, allowing divers to focus on their exploration without being encumbered by heavy or cumbersome light heads.

It is only 116mm long and 53mm in diameter and weighs only 262g (100g in water).

LED Speleo MKII is also an ideal choice with Ammonite System Goodman handles, allowing for greater manoeuvrability and comfort during extended dives.

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