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Ammonite Accu Thermo 24

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The Ammonite Accu Thermo 24 is designed as a heating system battery that can be used simultaneously with any Ammonite primary light head.


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The Ammonite Accu Thermo 24 is specifically designed as a heating system battery which you can use with any Ammonite primary light head whilst operating a Santi Heated Vest, Heated Undersuit or Santi Heated Gloves.

Ammonite Thermo Type 24 Accu

Operating at 12V with up to 200W heating power and a 2-stage power control.

Modern power supply source for heated dive wear

Simplicity, intuitive operation and performance reliability; up to 200 Watts heating power. The charging port of Accu Thermo 24 may be optionally applied to connect any of Ammonite dive light heads.

Advanced functions of Accu Thermo 24

LED Indicator provides information on the battery status and charge level. Intelligent E/O "knows" when the cable is disconnected and when to cut off voltage, as well as when to bring back power supply after reconnecting.

Easy switch and effective adjustment

Two-stage power control means effective power management, extending battery life. The magnetic switch position change is easy to feel, even when wearing thick diving gloves.

The compact size casing is made of high-grade aluminium coated with hard anode while the device is sealed with two o-rings and equipped with a safety valve.

Additional protection and status signalling

The inner microchip system signals low battery level with a strobe flash and automatically switches to back-up mode (light output at 20% light intensity) when the battery is drained.

Ammonite Accu Thermo 24 maximum operating times

  • Heated Gloves 8hrs 50min
  • Heated Vest 4hrs 25min
  • Heated Vest + Gloves 2hrs 50min
  • Heated Undersuit 2hrs 10min
  • Heated Undersuit + Gloves 1hr 45min

Want to know which batteries can be used with SANTI heating systems and decide which suits you best? Check out our Comprehensive Review of Batteries for SANTI Heating.

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