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Waterproof D7X Nylotech Drysuit

The new Waterproof D7X Nylotech drysuit has been developed from the Waterproof D7 which has been the prime choice of drysuit within the advanced diving community. Nylotech, a new material developed to be softer, yet more resistant to abrasion.

A reshaped and slimmer fit resulting in a less bulky drysuit. A new longer and curved zipper, placed higher up on the shoulder to enhance upper body movement as well as providing effortless donning and doffing in an effort to boost the overall diving experience. Available in mens and ladies sizing.


Waterproof D9X Breathable Drysuit

Based on the world’s first Ultra Light D9 Drysuit Concept from Waterproof, the D9X Extended Breathable Drysuit features some technical improvements designed for the needs of professional and serious divers. As a leisure diver, you can always decide NOT to dive if environmental or weather issues are of concern or if you don't want to abuse or risk your equipment. But for professional divers this is not always a choice.

To meet their need for equipment that has extra reinforcement, Waterproof R&D redesigned the standard D9 suit and found a way to strengthen some areas without jeopardizing the most important feature of the suit: the Ultra-Light Concept.


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