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Stock size diving drysuits from Waterproof, the award winning producer of high quality suits and accessories from Sweden.

Waterproof Drysuits


Waterproof D1X Hybrid Drysuit

The Waterproof D1X Drysuit is the new generation amazing suits based on the famous D1 Hybrid Waterproof developed, patented and released a couple of years ago. The patented D1 Hybrid was the first existing Insulated Constant Volume Drysuit.


Waterproof D3 Ergo Drysuit

The D3 Ergo is the best lightweight drysuit fabric Waterproof have ever developed. The special formula Tri-Lam fabric is lightweight, soft and durable. It is sewn together with single stitch and soft rubber taped seams which ensures a very flexible and comfortable suit. Soft, flexible Neoprene boots and plastic zipper keeps the weight down.


Waterproof D7X Nylotech Drysuit

The new Waterproof D7X Nylotech drysuit has been developed from the Waterproof D7 which has been the prime choice of drysuit within the advanced diving community. Nylotech, a new material developed to be softer, yet more resistant to abrasion.

A reshaped and slimmer fit resulting in a less bulky drysuit. A new longer and curved zipper, placed higher up on the shoulder to enhance upper body movement as well as providing effortless donning and doffing in an effort to boost the overall diving experience. Available in mens and ladies sizing.


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