Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS + FREE Nautilus Pouch

Don’t get left behind! The Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS is a simple to use, low-profile, Personal Search & Rescue GPS Locator which is depth rated to 130m. At less than half the size of the original Nautilus radio it can be carried on every dive and is incredibly simple to use, like flipping a switch: Undo the latch and open, turn on, remove the antenna retainer, and press the red button. That’s it!... Your GPS position will be accurate to 1.5 metres and a Man Overboard distress message will be broadcast to all AIS equipped ships up to 34 miles away, as well as a special DSC message to the marine radio on the dive boat you have been using. The Nautilus GPS floats and is waterproof to 425ft (130m). Just keep the o-ring clean and forget about it for the next 5 years! Free original Nautilus Carry Pouch - Free UK Mainland Delivery.

save 16%

Scubapro MK17 EVO/S600 Regulator + FREE R195 Octopus

Complete with all standard hoses.

The MK17 EVO is Scubapro's premium high performance balanced diaphragm first stage. Matched with a classic high performing Scubapro S600 second stage.

The MK17 is engineered specifically for cold water and harsh environments, its internal components are completely sealed off from the elements so neither water nor pollution can get inside the chrome-plated marine grade brass body to foul the mechanism.

save 36%
DIN or A-Clamp?

Halcyon DIR Twinset Regulator Package

FREE Halcyon SPG with HP hose plus regulator hoses and necklace, two bolt snaps.

A ready-to-go regulator system for DIR/Hogarthian twinset divers, the package consists of two high performance Halcyon H-75P piston first stages, an adustable Halcyon Halo second stage as primary regulator on a 7' (210cm) hose and an Aura second stage as backup on a 24" rubber hose. This special offer also includes an original 53mm/360 Bar Halcyon SPG with 24" or  26" HP hose plus regulator necklace and two stainless steel bolt snaps (3/8 and 1/2).

save 15%
SPG Hose Length

4th Element Xerotherm+ Complete

The complete set includes top, vest, leggings, socks and a bag. Made using Polartec® Powerstretch® which was originally developed for NASA. Unisex sizing.

save 35%

Santi Friends T-Shirt

Santi Friendship T-shirt with a special print in the front and Santi logo on the back. 100% cotton.

save 36%

Santi Polar Fleece Socks

The Santi Polar Fleece socks are soft and ideal with neoprene drysuit boots.

save 32%

Scubapro Grip 5mm Gloves

Scubapro 5mm Grip Gloves are strong, flexible construction offering exceptional resistance to abrasion and increased anti slip dexterity.

save 50%

Agir Brokk P-Valve

Agir Brokk P-Vlave is a low profile balanced convenience valve. Kit contains complete valve with hose, catheter nozzle and pin spanner.

save 25%
Add Quick Disconnect

Analox ATA Pro Trimix Analyser

The Analox ATA Pro is a compact trimix analyzer offering oxygen, helium and balance gas readings in one compact box. With the ability to zero and span the helium sensor as well as oxygen compensation allowing for a more accurate helium reading the ATA Pro is designed to offer the highest levels of accuracy - something which is of utmost importance when pushing the boundaries of standard scuba diving.

save 10%
Add Protective Peli Case

Apeks Sidemount Regulator Set - Package

The complete Sidemount Regulator Package from Apeks has been developed together with Steve Bogaerts, the world renowned pioneer of side mount diving.

The Apeks Sidemount Set includes: 2 x XTX50 Second Stages, 2 x XTX Dryseal First Stages with 5th port conversions, 2 x SPGs with hoses, all the hoses and elbow necessary for a complete set, ready to go, out of the box. 

save 37%

Apeks TEK 3 Twinset Regulator Set

Apeks has developed unique first stages specifically for use on a twinset. The Apeks TEK3 Twinset Regulator Set comes with Apeks TEK 3 first stages and Apeks XTX50 second stages including hoses.

save 15%

DUI TLS350 Drysuit

Whether you’re a technical diver mapping a new cave system or a recreational diver on a weekend dive - light weight, fast drying and well fitted DUI TLS350 drysuit can take you where no one has gone before.

save 20%
Tough Duck Colour (Pro Design)
Zip Type
Drysuit Hose Type
Wrist Seal Types
Neck Seal Type
Boot Type
Boot Size
Add Halcyon P-valve Installed
Add CF Crotch Pad (cloverleaf)
Add Knee Pads

Liquivision PC and Mac Interface

Compatible with the Liquivision dive computers of the enlightened series (XEO, XEN, KAON, LYNX). The PC Interface allows you to upload your dive logs from your unit to your computer. It also allows you to upload the newest decompression software quickly and efficiently.

save 40%

Scubapro Jet Fins

Classic Scubapro Jet Fins with spring straps. Decreases drag on the upstroke; enhances thrust on the downstroke.

save 15%

Backscatter FLIP-4 One Filter Kit
Compatible with GoPro Hero3, 3+, 4 housings (not the Hero5 SuperSuit). The FLIP4 Single Filter Kit with Dive Filter is Backscatter's best all around filter for typical dive profiles. It's an affordable flip filter frame which is versatile with optional filters, the +15 MacroMate Mini macro lens and the +10 Closeup lens. If a majority of your dives require only one colour correction filter or if you just want a closeup or macro filter on the standby during your GoPro dives, the single filter kit is ideal and low profile.  With aircraft grade aluminum and virtually unbreakable filter optics, we're confident you'll find that the FLIP system delivers the most rugged design along with the world's best color for GoPro.  Fits  GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4.
save 20%

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