Halcyon Infinity Wing System

Easily adjustable READY TO DIVE package.

Halcyon Infinity Wing System includes a Halcyon Eclipse wing, quick-adjust Cinch harness and backplate all put together, single tank adapter, soft shoulder and backplate pads and intergrated weight system. The heart of the Infinity BC is Halcyon’s Cinch Quick-adjust harness, which redefines what it means to dive a backplate, providing unparalleled comfort and stability in a system with infinite adjustability.

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Wing Size & Backplate Type
Upgrade to Weighted Single Tank Adapter
Custom Colour

Light For Me - 3XML Video Light System

The Light For Me 3XML Video Light System is a powerful, compact and portable underwater video light rig with up to 7200 lumen (2 x 3600 lm) output. The rig consists of two 3XML video lights around a goodman handle rig with butterfly clips allowing mounting action cameras with the GoPro mount siystem. EaCh light has a  14.4V / 3.2Ah Li-Ion battery pack providing for up to an hour of 120 degree beam  without any hot spots or dimming.  With a colour temperature of 6800K, these video lights of 3XML II diodes with advanced electronics can also be separated to be used individually.

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Halcyon Focus 2.0 Torch + FREE Seahorse Case

Free Seahorse CaseDirDirect Special: FREE SE-520 Seahorse Hard Case

Buy with confidence from Europe's #1 Halcyon Dealer

The Halcyon Focus 2.0 primary dive light is the latest breakthrough in underwater lighting technology. With up to 5.5 hours burntime and fully focusable beam, it has twice the brightness of the original Focus 1.0 torch which it supercedes.

Powered by a sealed 5.2Ah Li-Ion battery in robust delrin housing, the light has an adjustable power switch that can be set to off, low or high power. The design of the Focus 2.0 is further complemented by a fully adjustable handle which can be set to left or right hand operation and folded back on the lens during transport.

Standard or e/o Cord

Scubapro S600 MK17 Evo Regulator Set + FREE R195 Octopus

Free R195 OctopusSAVE OVER £200 - FREE R195 Octopus

The Scubapro S600 MK17 Regulator set comes complete with Scubapro R195 Octopus and hoses. Teaming Scubapro's best-selling second stage, S600, with environmentally sealed first stage, MK17 Evo, creates a reliable air delivery system for all diving conditions.

save 34%
DIN or A-Clamp?

No Gravity Sea Lion Undersuit

No Gravity Sea Lion undersuit is the middle thickness of Sea Lion series. By using a combination of Polartec® materials (Wind Pro®, Thermal Pro® and Power Stretch® Pro) No Gravity has made this undersuit light, stretchy, breathable, wind proof and quick drying. The 4-way stretch ensure a perfect fit with maximum freedom of movements. Also available as Sea Lion Light for temperate waters and Sea Lion Plus for extreme cold.

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Ursuit X-TEX Finnfill Heavy Undersuit

Ursuit and Finnfill technology bring you warmth without the stiffness or bulk. Finfill material does not lose its insulation capacity even after many washes as opposed to thinsulate and regular wadding. Even better, it actually gains thermal properties if dry cleaned. Ursuit's X-Tex range of Finnfill undersuits are the ideal choice for active divers throughout the world.

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IST Dolphin Tech Single Cylinder Wing

The circular air cell design eliminates the chance of gas being trapped thus providing technical divers with precise buoyancy control any time during a dive mission. Available with 30lb or 40lb lift capacity.

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Wing Size

OMS Back Pad

The OMS Backplate Pad can be easily added on any OMS Backplate to create an additional layer of comfort. The OMS Pad offers a unique accessory pocket accessed along the bottom of the pad that can be used for lift bag or SMB storage.

save 30%

Santi Dry Bag

The Santi Stay Dry Bag is a duffle bag made from tough waterproof material to carry your kit to and from the dive site. The material and design of the bag will keep rain and spray out of the bag to keep your gear dry and the grab handles and shoulder straps make it easy to carry it around.

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Weezle Compact Boots

Weezle boots use the same innovative materials as used in Weezle undersuits. Colour: black.

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12L Eurocylinders Twinset - Flat Bottom (Concave)

O2 clean steel twin 12L Eurocylinders (Twinset) with stainless steel bands that actually stand up on their own (!) thanks to a concave bottom. Delivered fully assembled, in purpose-made cardboard packaging which can be re-used for storage or further transport.

DELIVERY NOTE: Twin sets are now shipping completely assembled! Due to the weight these items only ships within UK mainland. Contact us directly for delivery costs outside UK.

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Choose Manifold

Agir-Brokk 6mm s/s Backplate

Agir-Brokk 6mm s/s Backplate is twice the tickness of standard stainless steel backplate. Weight 5.1kg without a harness.

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Analox ATA Pro Trimix Analyser

The Analox ATA Pro is a compact trimix analyzer offering oxygen, helium and balance gas readings in one compact box. With the ability to zero and span the helium sensor as well as oxygen compensation allowing for a more accurate helium reading the ATA Pro is designed to offer the highest levels of accuracy - something which is of utmost importance when pushing the boundaries of standard scuba diving.

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Add Protective Peli Case

Apeks Lifeline (Finger) Spool

The Apeks LifeLine spools feature easy to grip flared sides to improve deployment and winding. Made from tough anodised aluminium alloy with high visibility line with a super tough leader and swivel as standard. Available in four sizes - Purple 15 metres, Green 30 metres, Blue 45 metres and Grey 60 metres.

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Apeks Sidemount Regulator Set - Package

The Apeks Sidemount Regulator set has been developed together with Steve Bogaerts, the world renowned pioneer of side mount diving.

The complete set includes: 2 x Apeks XTX50 Second Stages, 2 x Apeks XTX Dryseal First Stages with 5th port conversions, 2 x Apeks SPGs with hoses, all the hoses and elbow necessary for a complete set, ready to go, out of the box. 

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Apeks Tech Shorts

The Apeks Tech Shorts can be worn above a dry suit or a wet suit to create additional pocket space, or can be worn alone for use in warm water or for other aquatic activities. Ideal for warm water diving conditions where the additional storage of slates, spools or torches is required while wearing a wet suit.

save 10%

Apeks TEK 3 Twinset Regulator Set

Apeks has developed unique first stages specifically for use on a twinset. The Apeks TEK3 Twinset Regulator Set comes with Apeks TEK 3 first stages and Apeks XTX50 second stages including hoses.

save 20%

Apeks XTX200 Regulator Set

The Apeks XTX200 Regulator blends style and high performance. Every detail on XTX 200 regulator has been carefully designed to offer a regulator of the highest quality with great performance at any depth. This leading regulator set includes the XTX200 First and Second stages with Apeks Flexi regulator hose.

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DIN or A-Clamp?
Add Octopus

Apeks XTX50 Regulator Set

The XTX50 regulator set is for the discerning diver who wants the benefits of a feature-rich regulator at a moderate price.

This popular regulator has four medium-pressure ports all mounted on a rotating turret, resulting in optimal hose routing while eliminating sharp bends in the hose. The set includes XTX50 second stage and DST first stage with standard length regulator hose.

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DIN or A-Clamp?
Add Octopus

Halcyon Standard SPG

The weight and size of Halcyon Standard SPG gauge make it well suited as a primary SPG. The clear display is easy to read in all diving conditions. 0-360 Bar. Swivel pin included.

Add HP Hose

Scubapro Jet Fins

Classic Scubapro Jet Fins with spring straps. Decreases drag on the upstroke; enhances thrust on the downstroke.

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Suunto EON Core Computer


The Suunto EON Core is a compact recreational dive computer with a large colour display, designed to serve beginner and active, as well as advanced recreational divers. With modern features like mobile connectivity, wireless tank pressure transmission with Suunto Tank POD, updatable software and a re-chargeable battery, this dive computer is a loyal diving partner that grows with you.

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Add Tank Pod
Add Bungee Adaptor

Backscatter FLIP-4 One Filter Kit
Compatible with GoPro Hero3, 3+, 4 housings (not the Hero5 SuperSuit). The FLIP4 Single Filter Kit with Dive Filter is Backscatter's best all around filter for typical dive profiles. It's an affordable flip filter frame which is versatile with optional filters, the +15 MacroMate Mini macro lens and the +10 Closeup lens. If a majority of your dives require only one colour correction filter or if you just want a closeup or macro filter on the standby during your GoPro dives, the single filter kit is ideal and low profile.  With aircraft grade aluminum and virtually unbreakable filter optics, we're confident you'll find that the FLIP system delivers the most rugged design along with the world's best color for GoPro.  Fits  GoPro Hero 3, 3+, 4.
save 20%

DUI TLS350 Drysuit

Whether you’re a technical diver mapping a new cave system or a recreational diver on a weekend dive - light weight, fast drying and well fitted DUI TLS350 drysuit can take you where no one has gone before.

save 15%
Tough Duck Colour (Pro Design)
Zip Type
Drysuit Hose Type
Wrist Seal Types
Neck Seal Type
Boot Style
Boot Size
Add CF Crotch Pad (cloverleaf)
Add Knee Pads
Install P-valve
P-valve Reinforcement

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