Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti Dive Computer
Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti Dive Computer
Shearwater swift Transmitter
Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti Dive Computer
Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti Dive Computer
Shearwater Perdix
Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti Dive Computer
Shearwater Perdix 2

Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti with Swift Transmitter

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Shearwater’s toughest and most reliable full-size computer, the Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti and Shearwater Swift transmitter work like a dream together and come at our special price when purchased together. The armoured casing, precision titanium surround bezel, and dependable titanium piezo touch buttons protect performance-enhanced electronics.

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Why Portland? 

We’re located on the Isle of Portland (in Dorset) because Portland has been one of the most popular scuba diving locations in the United Kingdom even before we set up operations here back in the year 2000.

On one side, we’re minutes away from the sheltered waters of Portland Marina and Harbour, while on the other, it’s just a brief walk to reach our famous scuba diving destination, Chesil Cove and Chesil Beach.  

Portland’s location makes it ideal for scuba diving, freediving, snorkelling and other water sports activities.

Alongside dive clubs, many instructors and dive schools travel here to train and offer scuba diving certification ranging from open water diver to mixed-gas tech diving or rebreather diving levels.

Whether you’re doing a boat dive from Portland Marina or Castletown or a shore dive at Chesil Cove, Portland is well known for offering many possibilities: Reef diving to wreck diving and night diving, underwater photography or underwater videography. Anything other than cave diving is possible here.

Likely being the best-stocked diving shop in the UK, at Underwater Explorers we offer in-store scuba diving equipment advice and sales, as well as gas fills, to locals and visitors (read About Us).

But... If you’re googling “scuba diving shop near me” like some, look no further, there's DirDirect online.

Here at DirDirect, we list our cutting-edge equipment for worldwide delivery and we’ve got you covered whatever your level of diving: We’re your local dive store wherever you are in the world.

All that with over 20 years of experience especially in technical diving, from training to equipment, advice and sales.


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TheShearwater Perdix 2 Ti  with Swift Transmitter is Shearwater’s toughest and most reliable full-size computer supporting multiple gases, Open Circuit and CCR mode and is the best dive computer in 2023.

The Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti Black Dive Computer is Shearwater’s toughest and most reliable full-size computer supporting multiple gases, Open Circuit and CCR mode and is the best dive computer in 2023 in our view.

It supersedes the original and very popular (discontinued) Shearwater Perdix computer and comes in two colour finishes: black and silver.

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Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti Dive Computer 

Shearwater research has brought a number of enhanced features to the discontinued Perdix computer with the Perdix 2: tough, titanium, strong vibration and ability to monitor up to 4 transmitters being the highlights of this new unit.

These improvements make it our best dive computer for 2023 as was the popular previous version Shearwater Perdix in recent years.

The armoured casing with precision titanium surround bezel and dependable titanium piezo touch buttons protect performance-enhanced electronics while an aluminosilicate glass lens guards a fantastic 2.2” bright screen and offers improved clarity, impact, and damage resistance.

A strong vibration customisable alert system (you'll not miss it!) draws attention at critical moments of the dive.

Integration with up to 4  Shearwater Swift transmitters allows room to grow from a first computer to a powerful, proven advanced technical diving solution with multiple cylinders.

All of this is delivered using the trusted and easy to find user-changeable single AA battery and familiar ergonomic compact form factor.

Multiple Diving ModeShearwater Perdix 2 Ti Dive Modes

  • Air / Nitrox / 3 Gas Nitrox: 3 gas nitrox computer for the serious recreational diver
  • Open Circuit Technical: Trimix enabled
  • Closed Circuit/Bailout: Trimix enabled. Constant PO2 for closed circuit
  • Gauge: Depth, time, resettable stopwatch function. Full dive logging

More about Perdix 2 Ti

High Resolution, easy-to-read display
2.2" display with vivid, enhanced colour range and saturation. Impact-resistant toughened aluminosilicate glass screen with superior clarity.

Thin, Low-profile Design
30% smaller in volume than the Petrel 2.

Two Button Interface
Simple to navigate, state-aware menu structure.

User Replaceable Batteries for both Perdix 2 and Transmitter
The Perdix 2 works with any standard AA battery and the transmitter uses a 3V CR2 Lithium.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
This enables communication with PC, Mac, iPod, and iPad with lower power consumption.

User Customizable Display
Customize your display with information important to you.

Multiple Languages
English, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish.

Cloud Control
Download and display dive logs quickly with Bluetooth® wireless technology. You can display as much or as little information as you need. The Shearwater cloud is available in 13 languages.

Air Integration with the Shearwater Swift Transmitter

Shearwater Swift TransmittersThe Perdix 2 is capable of displaying tank pressure in all modes.

With smart AI technology, the Swift creates a highly reliable connection, listens for other transmitters, and only communicates when the channel is clear by avoiding collision with other signals.

Now, divers can use multiple transmitters near each other without worrying about potential interference.

This advanced technology is leveraged by Shearwater's new firmware, which includes support for up to 4 transmitters on compatible Shearwater models.

The no-tools design makes it easy to remove and replace the Swift from the 1st stage (gone is the need to find a particular size tool to tighten or loosen the transmitter, making it perfect for travel!)

A double o-ring seal protects a user-replaceable 3v CR2 lithium battery, offering up to 300 hours of time. The LED status indicator lets the diver know things are functioning as they should at a glance during setup.

Oprtional VPM Upgrade

Shearwater VPM

The Perdix 2 Ti comes with Bühlmann ZHL-16C algorithm with Gradient Factors installed but you can upgrade it to VPM-B with a special PIN, giving you the option of using the standard GF deco or switching to VPM-B. Once you select this option we will organise the unlock code for your specific model and serial number. You will then need to update your firmware to the latest firmware before using the PIN code.

VPM or the Varying Permeability Model is a decompression algorithm that attempts to model the behaviour of bubbles within the human body during decompression. The algorithm was initially developed by David Yount in laboratory testing and coded into Fortran by Erik Baker.

Shearwater Research has implemented VPM-B according to the original Erik Baker Fortran specification. In addition to implementing the Baker model, Shearwater Research has added a new option. VPM-B dive profiles often have deep stops to control bubble formation with reduced time at shallow depths.

The reduced shallow depth time can be quite aggressive with VPM-B so Shearwater Research has included a VPM-B Gradient Factor Surfacing (GFS) option. VPM-B/GFS allows VPM-B dives to be executed while ensuring that a gradient factor of 90% is never violated.

Find out more about the Shearwater Perdix 2

Want to find out more? You can read or download the (PDF) Shearwater Perdix 2 Recreational Manual or the Shearwater Perdix 2 Technical Manual today and see how many features this excellent unit has.

Shearwater Perdix 2 Ti Dive Computer Warranty

Shearwater offers a worldwide 2-year warranty on all computers. The warranty lives with the unit, not with the original purchaser. This means that whether you buy your unit from us or second-hand, the warranty will still be effective. As the warranty is linked to the computer’s unique serial number you do not need to register your computer.

Shearwater will, at its sole discretion, repair or replace defective products covered under warranty but do note the warranty does not cover unauthorised repairs, modifications, accidental damage or negligence.

To benefit from this manufacturer warranty, you need to contact the Shearwater support team directly at or fill out the RMA form at . Should you suspect a warranty issue, do not return the unit without first obtaining an RMA - which authorises the return. You can find a list of authorised service centres at to process local warranty issues.

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