Halcyon Focus 2.0 Handheld Light
Halcyon Focus 2.0 Handheld Light

Halcyon Focus 2.0 Handheld Light

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As a handheld version of the  Halcyon Focus 2.0 umbilical light The Halcyon Focus 2.0 Handheld, has a  2.5 to 5 hr burntime with an adjustable beam and fully adjustable handle that can be set to left or right hand operation. It has three power settings and stands out from the crowd.


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Halcyon set the standard for primary dive lights with the first and most popular Focus light and now offers the Focus 2.0 as the latest breakthrough in lighting technology.

The Focus 2.0 Handheld, with 2.5 to 5 hrs burn time, has twice the brightness of the original Focus torch for those who require a powerful (narrow to wide adjustable) beam and has a 5.2amp li-ion battery.

The Focus 2.0 Handheld lights have a fully adjustable handle which can be set to left or right hand operation and folded on the lens during transport.

This is a handheld version of Halcyon Focus 2.0 umbilical light.

  • High Setting: ~80,000 Lux at 1 metre / 1,550 Lux at 5 metres
  • Low Setting (Half Power): ~39,000 Lux at 1 metre / 775 Lux at 5 metres
  • Adjustable beam angle from narrow to wide
  • Adjustable power switch may be set to Off, Low, or High power
  • Adjustable handle, folds on lens during transport
  • 2.5 hours burn time on high mode
  • 5 hours burn time on low mode
  • 5.2amp Lithium battery pack
  • Charger included

Halcyon Measuring Diving Light

Halcyon prefers to describe diving lights using lux because this provides a gauge of intensity at a given distance, which is probably more relevant while diving or during signaling. Halcyon typically tests lux output at one, three, and five meters from the light source. These distances appear useful when evaluating intensity for general use and while signaling a dive buddy.

A lux measurement that is very close to the light source will be higher than a lux measurement recorded farther from the same light source because light diffuses as it gets farther from the source. Therefore, you can think of lumens as the amount of light available and lux as the lumens that are actually arriving at the intended target.

Focus 2.0 Tightest Beam (Surface)

Halcyon Focus 2.0 Beam Surface Test

When switched on at its tightest beam the Halcyon Focus 2.0 will produce a square beam with a halo around it. The beam will reflect 4x LEDs with a darker "cross" in between which will disappear when the beam is slightly tuned out as below. Left: Beam at distance, Right: Beam closeup.

Halcyon Focus 2.0 beam surface test

* Note that switching on the Focus 2.0 may cause interruptions and/or fully interrupt DAB (radio)

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