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Santi Heated Vest - Size S

Santi Heated Vest - Size S
Santi Heated Vest Santi Heated Vest

The popular Santi Heated Vest designed to keep you warm on deeper and longer dives is the perfect solution for divers who need more insulation than can be provided by 'passive' undersuits. Even if not attached to an external battery and powered the vest, made out of 200gr Thinsulate, continues to provide insulation. Size: Small.

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The Santi Heated Vest is perfect for divers who need more insulation than can be provided by 'passive' undersuits. The Santi Heating Vest actually actively helps to keep you warm, it is not designed to warm you up but to limit the rate at which you become cold. As such the heating vest does not feel 'hot' but it's effects can be felt.

Santi Heated VestWorn between a thin base layer and undersuit, the vest reaches its peak performance and the  configuration allows most of the generated heat to be passed directly to the diver’s body.

Limited to a maximum working temperature of 40oC chances of burns from the vest are highly unlikely. At 60 watts of power the vest requires a battery pack located outside of the suit, a 10 amp hour battery will last for around 1.5-2 hours, while a 20a/hr battery will last 3-4 hours.

The Santi Heated Vest is made from 200gr thinsulate to provide you with insulation even if the vest in not plugged in.

The vest is firmly fitted with elastic in the sides and an elasticated velcro crotch straps to keep the vest exactly in position.

The vest is already fitted with a terminated cable but batteries and a through-suit connector must be purchased separately.

To operate the Santi Heating system a Santi Drysuit Connector or Thermovalve is required.

  • Operating time with Santi 6Ah Battery 1.2-1.5hrs
  • Wires covered with ultra-soft silicone resistant to breaking
  • Power wire crust resistant to high temperatures and cuts
  • Power consumption of 55W
  • Ergonomic nesting and wire layout inside
  • Batteries and connectors must be purchased separately
  • Use with appropriate battery source only and never over 12V !


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