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Santi E.Motion+ Drysuit

Santi E.Motion+ Drysuit
E.Motion PLUS E.Motion PLUS E.Motion PLUS E.Motion PLUS E.Motion PLUS E.Motion PLUS

The SANTI E.Motion Plus combines the lightweight Ripstop Nylon fabric flexibility of the E.Motion and the extended durability of the E.Lite drysuit where the two are blended in a modern and elegant cut to provide a high degree of comfort while diving. The top part of this drysuit and the top front of trousers are made of E.Motion’s Ripstop Nylon/Butylene fabric while the elbows, stomach and lower back, back of trousers, crotch pad, lower front part of trousers are made out of E-Lite’s Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester fabric. Average weight 3.9 Kg for size L. Lightweight Ripstop Nylon/Butylene 235 g/m² + Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester 535 gr/m2 fabric.

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Santi EMotion Plus drysuit combines the flexibility of Santi E.Motion drysuit and the durability of the Santi E.Lite drysuit. Both functionalities combined in modern and elegant cut provide the highest comfort while diving.

E.Motion+ protects you where necessary, keeping the mobility during demanding decompression dives at the same time.

Santi DrysuitUnderwater Explorers | DirDirect is a leading Santi centre specialising in standard size and made to measure drysuits with many happy divers joining the Stay Dry club through us.

Once you place an online order for a drysuit we will email you  outlining all the details for you to confirm prior to us processing the order.

Some suits have more options than listed online. At this stage you will also have an opportunity to clarify those.

Only after you have confirmed all the specifications will we place an order for the dry suit to be made.



Santi E.Motion+ drysuit design is based on the two flagship models: E.Motion and E.Lite, combining the greatest advantages of the cut and fabrics to provide maximum protection at neuralgic places exposed to possible damage and best diving ergonomics.

E.Motion+ is equipped as a standard with an innovative SANTI Smart Seals® system – soft rings that allow on very easy and quick exchange any seals.

As a standard E.Motion PLUS comes in elegant, exclusive color combination of black, grey and silver. Santi also offers a wide range of colour options: 36 possibilities in total! You can choose your body top colour (black, grey, blue or red), side core colour (black, dark or light grey) and arm band colour (grey, blue or red). See E.Motion Colour Options.

Special cut of the crotch pad allows for comfortable leg movements. The E.Motion PLUS suit is equipped with a YKK Aquaseal plastic zipper which is very durable but also light and flexible. It is highly resistant to dirt and needs only minimal care of the docking area. SANTI offers 2 years warranty for the plastic zipper.

As in any of SANTI drysuits, E.Motion PLUS comes with two big and solid cargo pockets with bungee strings to mount the equipment. In this model both pockets have a useful additional zipper fastened pocket for double ender.

Santi E-Motion PLUS Drysuit

  • Weight – 3.9 kg
  • Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester 235gr/sqm and 535gr/sqm
  • Top part of drysuit and top front of trousers made of flexible fabric Ripstop of 235gr/sqm
  • Elbows, belly and lower back area are made of E.Lite fabric of 535gr/sqm2
  • Back of the trousers, crotch pad, lower part of front trousers made of E.Lite fabric of 535gr/sqm2
  • Standard Colour: grey chest, silver side gores, red piping
  • Aquaseal zipper at the front
  • Plastic zipper covered by an additional zip-fastened flap
  • Latex neck seal insulated by 3mm Neoprene collar
  • 7/9 mm Neoprene hood included
  • Apeks or Sitech valves
  • Kevlar® knee pads
  • SANTI Smart Seals® with silicone wrist seals provides easy exchange
  • Two big and functional cargo pockets on thighs with bungee strings
  • Right pocket with a partition for wet notes and two smaller metal D-rings
  • Both pockets have a useful additional zipper fastened pocket for double ender
  • Internal suspenders with handy pocket
  • Flexsole boots
  • Medium pressure hose 75 cm
  • STAY DRY travel bag – water repellent

Smart Seals ManualE.Motion PLUS is equipped in standard with most innovative and comfortable SANTI Smart Seals® system. The Smart Seals system allows quick and very easy seals exchange, without the need of special tools or spare parts, except a new wrist seal of your choice at any moment.

The Smart Seals system replaces the standard wrist seals attachment in drysuit cuffs and works with any type of wrist seals available on the market – latex or silicone. There is no need for specially designed or dedicated seals, meaning a diver can carry spares and change a torn seal in the field. The Smart Seals system also gives the possibility of installing (rubber) dry gloves instead of wrist seals (though it should be considered that the gloves will be permanently attached to the drysuit in such case).

Choosing the right drysuitFREE "Made to Fit"
Very few divers require a totally made to measure suit due to the wide range of standard sizes available from manufacturers. With this in mind, Santi offers a free of charge Made-to-Fit service to any standard size suit ordered, sculpting standard suits to a divers' measurements. With your order, you can request up to 4 changes (ranging from 2 to 5 cm) to any of the standard size measurements listed under height, chest, inner arm, biceps, forearm, waist, hips, inner leg, thigh, calf or body trunk on the SANTI size chart.





Santi E-Motion PLUS Drysuit

Santi E-Motion PLUS Drysuit


Santi E-Motion PLUS Drysuit

It is the customers responsibility to choose a correct drysuit size. All drysuits are made to order. Drysuit returns are not accepted under any circumstance unless Underwater Explorers Ltd/DirDirect has made a mistake. We do not take any responsibility for a fit of a made to measure drysuits unless measured by us. All drysuits are individually tested by manufacturers. Any isolated manufacturing fault(s) will be repaired, not replaced, under manufacturers warranty.

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