Compare SANTI drysuits - 2022 top drysuits

SANTI Drysuits Compared

We bring you a comparison of top SANTI drysuits in 2022 to make it easier to choose what suits you best for the type of diving you do. Every SANTI drysuit is made to order to perfection with durability, diver safety and comfort in mind.
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What is common between all SANTI drysuits?

All SANTI trilaminate drysuits have inner and outer front entry zips covered with protective flaps as well as telescopic torsos. Eliminating the restrictions of traditional back entry suits, this combination allows great mobility regardless of equipment used or the thickness of any undersuit.

The cut of all SANTI drysuits are the same. Most suits are available in both mens and ladies sizes. For ladies, SANTI has designed a Ladies First range with feminine details.

All SANTI drysuits also have internal suspenders with handy front pockets, and large cargo pockets outside the suit on side of both legs.

The price of all SANTI drysuits includes pre-installed Smart wrist rings on the suit with either latex or silicone seals. The rings allow a diver to replace wrist seals themselves, simply by carrying spares in their dive bag. The rings allow the use of dry gloves by purchasing separately SANTI Smart Dry Glove Rings.

All SANTI drysuits also come with Apeks or SiTech valves, Flexsole Boots or neoprene socks (or boots depending on model) and come with an inflator hose and high-quality heavy-duty water repellent bag that has handles as well as backpack shoulder straps.

What are the differences between SANTI drysuits?

The difference between SANTI drysuits isn’t about quality but the functionality of that suit for the purpose it is made for — reflecting on the material or material combinations used in production, the amount of comfort and flexibility or reinforced areas a specific suit offers.

Notably, a suit made out of a combination of different materials prioritises flexibility and durability in areas where each matters most, but will also be more expensive than a suit made out of a single type of fabric.

With that said, from the low-cost SANTI drysuit, the E.Space, which is recommended for intensive cave and wreck diving as well as public safety work, to the top of the range E.Lite+ that offers exceptional durability and mobility in parts of the suit where it matters most, all SANTI drysuits are a symbol of quality.

SANTI E.Motion:
Mobility & Flexibility

Compare Santi drysuits - Emotion

As the name suggests, SANTI’s E.Motion drysuit is about mobility and flexibility without compromise.

It is SANTI’s lightest drysuit but at the same time very durable and flexible, weighing an average of only 3.2 kg for size L.

This front entry membrane drysuit is made of lightweight Ripstop Nylon fabric especially designed for Santi to achieve the best possible stretch whether underwater or on the surface.

SANTI has also included E.Motion to their Ladies First collection with feminine colours and details.

Material: Lightweight Ripstop Nylon/Butylene 235 g/m2 fabric. Weight: 3.2kg (mens L)

Check out all the details, options and current price of the SANTI E.Motion Online.

Durable & Heavy-duty

The SANTI E.Lite drysuit is recommended for all kinds of diving, especially technical, cave and wreck dives due to the exceptional durability of its fabric and additional protection of the most sensitive areas exposed to possible damage.

The unique quality of this model is provided by heavy-duty Ripstop Nylon exclusive to SANTI. This material makes E.Lite SANTI’s heaviest suit. However, the average weight is still only 4.2kg.

Material: Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester 535 gr/m2 fabric. Weight: 4.2kg (mens L)

Check out all the details, options and current price of the SANTI E.Lite Online.

SANTI E.Motion+:
A blend of E.Motion & E.Lite

The SANTI E.Motion Plus combines the best parts of SANTI’s E.Motion and E.Lite drysuits. The two are blended in a modern and elegant cut.

Critical parts of the suit are made of durable E.Lite fabric whilst the use of E.motion fabric on the non-critical areas provides a high degree of comfort.

SANTI has also included E.Motion+ to their Ladies First collection with feminine colours and details.

Materials: Lightweight Ripstop Nylon/Butylene 235 g/m2 + Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester 535 gr/m2 fabric. Weight: 3.9kg (mens L)

Check out all the details, options and current price of the SANTI E.Motion or E.Motion+ Ladies First online.

SANTI E.Lite+:
Top of the range

SANTI’s top range E.Lite Plus drysuit presents an optimal and advanced combination of durability and modern textile technology dedicated to extreme sports by using two different hard-wearing fabrics.

Hardwearing E.Lite fabric is used for any critical areas of the drysuit and soft-to-the-touch and flexible fabric for non-critical areas making this suit extremely comfortable.

SANTI has also included E.Lite+ to their Ladies First collection with feminine colours and stunning details.

Materials: Ripstop Nylon/Butylene/Polyester 535 gr/m2 + Ripstop Nylon/Butylene 365-425g/m2 fabric. Weight: 3.9kg (mens L)

Check out all the details, options and current price of the E.Lite+ and E.Lite+ Ladies First online.