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Halcyon Streamlined P-Valve

Halcyon Streamlined P-Valve

Whether you are interested in a short, comfortable dive or face long decompression obligations, the Halcyon Balanced Streamline P-valve provides new level of comfort. Valves chosen to provide minimal backpressure, increasing comfort for female and male divers. 

SKU 40.040.003

The world's #1 male & female diver urine discharge system

Many divers credit Halcyon's streamlined P-valve as being among their best equipment purchases. Commonly used on a dry suit but also deployable on any wetsuit, the valve is an essential accessory that facilitates overboard discharge of urine allowing comfort as well as proper pre-dive hydration. It can be used by male divers simply with an attached catheter at end of valve hose or as part of a standard female She-P Kit.

Whether you are interested in a short, comfortable dive or face long decompression obligations, the Halcyon Streamline P-valve can provide a new level of diving comfort (and safety).

The new valve cap of this 2nd generation low profile valve allows for increased ease of operation, even when using dry gloves, while also allowing for easier maintenance access. An optional lock-down screw (provided with the valve) can be used in the valve to prevent removal of the external cap.

The simplified hose assembly inside of the suit removes the check-valve assembly of the older Balanced design – increasing the ease of donning and removing your drysuit with the valve in place - making it far less bulky. 

The balance valve has been built into the solid Delrin® body, eliminating all extraneous internal tubing and valve assemblies. The P-Valve’s internal mushroom valve has been specifically chosen for precision flow rate and minimal backpressure. 

The three piece Delrin® design simplifies installation and removal.

Basic maintenance and service of the P-Valve is a task easily handled in the field, requiring only a few minutes of attention after a dive to ensure years of reliable use.

The Halcyon P-valve kit includes everything required for installation:

  • P-valve with hose
  • Wrench and sandpaper
  • Adhesive
  • 2-oz. cleaning bottle
  • Installation/owners manual

Halcyon P-Valve

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