XDeep NX Zen Standard Wing System
XDeep NX Zen Standard Wing System
XDeep NX Zen Standard Wing System
XDeep NX Zen Standard Wing System
XDeep NX Zen Standard Wing System

XDeep NX Zen Wing System

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The XDeep NX Zen Wing System results from XDeep's passion for breaking traditional wing designs into what performs at a previously unheard-of level. XDeep's ability to apply modern engineering concepts created a dive system which delivers on priorities: a stable, comfortable and ergonomic BCD that is truly Zen.

Backplate Size & Type

Backplate Size & Type


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XDeep NX Zen Wing System is XDeep's departure from the traditional back-mounted wing design towards an innovative system focusing on comfort, safety and maximum performance.

Applying advanced materials technology and engineering expertise, the XDeep NX Zen focuses on making a diver feel as one with the aquatic world.

The XDeep NX Zen Wing System is based on the less is more concept from scratch, limiting wing width, a more stable connection to the tank, and a BC designed to float the diver comfortably on the surface without compromise from ideal underwater trim.

The XDeep NX Zen Wing System is also available in different colours or as a Deluxe version for those who prefer a harness equipped with quick-release buckles to make it easier to get in and out of the wing even more.

XDeep NX Zen

XDeep NX Zen Wing System includes

  • Zen Wing with inflator hose
  • NX Backplate with single-loop Harness
  • 3D Backplate Mesh Pad
  • Single Tank Adapter with cam bands

With NX Zen Wing less is more

The XDeep NX Zen wing is deliberately narrow so that it does not protrude from the side of your tank. This brings advantages in enhancing your buoyancy control, reducing entanglement hazards and significantly reducing drag.

As we reduce drag, we usually improve our gas consumption, enabling longer and safer dives. NX Zen wing provides 19kg of lift, while its size is comparable to classic wings with 17kg.

XDeep NX Zen Wing System Features

NX Zen Wing - Smaller upper section

The compact engineering of the NX series inflator has reduced the required size of the upper part of the wing. This results in a position at the surface that lifts you high out of the water and ensures the lift is in the right place when submerged.

Precise control of gas movement

Traditional inflation systems are mounted on the side so that as gas is injected, it can disturb trim if you are in a good flat position. The compact nature of the NX series adapter allows it to be placed dead centre, eliminating unwanted gas movement. In NX Zen Wing, the air is added and is immediately distributed equally down both sides of the wing, leaving you in perfect trim.

Ergonomic NX Backplate

xDeep NX Backplate

The classic backplates' design history dates back to what could be cut out of an old road sign. For the first time since then, XDeep has looked properly at the ergonomics and anatomy of a diver's back.

Enlarging the upper part of the backplate has achieved better weight distribution during the dive and removes load from the lumbar region. The lower plate design spreads the load comfortably, safely allowing for the optimal attachment of weight pockets and accessories.

The XDeep NX Zen Wing System aluminium and stainless steel backplate is available in two sizes. XDeep recommends a larger size for divers over 175cm.

3D Backplate Mesh Pad

XDeep NX Zen Wing System, as with any other set from the XDeep NX Series, is equipped with XDeep’s perfect 3D Mesh lining. This soft but non-compressive pad adds to your comfort, whether in board shorts or a drysuit. It helps prevent small movement of the back plate against your back, adding stability and security.

The 3D Mesh material does not need additional lead due to the smart materials technology allowing easy water penetration and drainage.

V-shaped Crotch Strap

The NX Series harness is equipped with a totally new V-shaped crotch strap. The V shape is more comfortable, eliminating the single strap design directly between the legs. Whether walking with your gear to jump in or scootering around a reef, you will feel the very direct benefit.

The V-shaped crotch strap distributes the load over a larger area, allowing you to sit comfortably into the crotch strap at the surface. The V is formed by two attachment points at the bottom of the back plate. This ensures an even tension prevents sideways slippage of the system and spreads the load for stability.

The NX Zen V-strap is equipped with two Cargo D-Rings instead of the usual one. The design results in the D-rings being set off to each side instead of a traditional centre ring, providing easier access to clipped-off gear.

xDeep NX Crotch Strap