XDeep NX700 First Stage Regulator
XDeep NX700 First Stage Regulator

XDeep NX700 First Stage Regulator

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The patented modular turret system of the new XDeep NX700 first stage provides clean, and streamlined hose routing in any configuration, including sidemount, backmount single tank, backmount doubles and stage cylinders.


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The patented XDeep NX700 first stage diving regulator is equipped with a range of solutions. These allow it to be configured so that in every configuration, the hoses are perfectly positioned. Hose routing should avoid bending or contact with the buoyancy compensator, which could negatively affect safety and cause premature wear of the hoses.

The key element is the rotary head located at the front of the first stage. The turret head can be locked in a specific position or kept unlocked allowing it to be rotated during a dive. To lock the head in the desired position, turn it so that the groove in the head is aligned with the hole in the regulator body. It is then possible to screw in the locking pin using an Allen key until it stops.

The Low Pressure (LP) ports in the rotary head are placed slightly in front in relation to the buoyancy compensator. The hose ports are also set at an angle so that the hoses that point downwards (e.g. the dry suit inflation hose, a second-stage long hose) bypass the inflated BCD without any interference.

As standard, the first-stage NX700 is equipped in a rotating head with three LP ports. This ensures the perfect arrangement of hoses in all standard configuration.

The Modular Turret System (MTS) allows for choosing from several different rotary and fixed heads with specific port positions. This enables optimum positioning and angles of the LP ports in all configurations, including non-standard or specialist applications (e.g. some rebreathers).

  • Two HP ports
  • Five LP ports
  • Weight: 462g
  • Suitable for 232bar cylinders only
  • Compatible up to 40% Nitrox/EANx (outside of European Community)


The NX700 1st stage provides a perfect “without bends” routing of the hoses in every configurations. This prolongs the hoses lifetime. Below some suggestions for different setups for single cylinder and twinset divers as well as two variations for sidemount divers.

XDeep Regulator hose routing

XDeep Regulator hose routing

XDeep Regulator hose routing

XDeep Regulator hose routing