Suex Sinapsi
Suex Sinapsi
Suex Sinapsi
Suex Sinapsi Nose
Suex Sinapsi Nose
Suex Sinapsi Nose
Suex Sinapsi Nose

Suex Sinapsi

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Suex Sinapsi is the first waypoint navigation system in the form of a special nose that replaces the standard nose of your Suex XJ-S and XK model DPV, allowing you to maintain constant orientation while diving. The Sinapsi nose allows for route planning, records your route and ensures you reach every target and safely return to base.


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Suex Sinapsi is a special nose for navigation that replaces the standard nose. It is equipped with sophisticated electronics to receive and process underwater navigation data acquired via DPV.

The Sinapsi project has required years of increasingly sophisticated research, including many tests and trials to optimise the system using the most exciting, up-to-date technological solutions.

Sinapsi is available for the XJ-S and XK models.

The integrated propeller into the system allows you to calculate the speed and consequently the distance traveled or missing to the point of arrival.

  • Route planning via smartphone app and PC
  • Use GNSS Position – Home Position
  • Dead Reckoning
  • On-the-fly route planning
  • Heading quality index
  • Compass calibration and quality storage
  • Odometer calibration and distance and speed measurement
  • Accurate heading angle
  • Data reception
  • Wireless system


The SINAPSI nose cannot be used without an ERON D-1: The ERON D-1 is the necessary user interface to access most of the SINAPSI functions and settings.

Used in conjunction with the ERON D-1 underwater dashboard, SINAPSI is able to provide the customer with the most accurate underwater navigation. During operation, the SINAPSI nose transmits the navigation data to the ERON D-1, via a wireless connection, the telemetry data from the scooter. Finally it also records the data of the scooter battery together with the navigation data.

From a conceptual point of view, SINAPSI exploits the potential of the AHRS system (Altitude and heading reference system) and GPS (Global Positioning System) to determine the current position of the scooter at all times.

It indicates that an operative procedure, a condition etc. must be pointed out.  From the physical operating point, the AHRS processes signals from the three main physical systems mounted on board:

  • Compass
  • Gyroscope
  • Distance log

DPVs equipped with Sinapsi and ERON D-1 can access the extended mode of the dashboard: recording of dive time, depth, heading and other data, full analysis of DPV data and full navigation data.

Check out the Technical Information tab above for specifications. 

Sinapsi Nose Main Parts

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