Scubapro Frameless Mask

Scubapro Frameless Mask - Black

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The original Scubapro Frameless Dive Mask using a unique assembly of lens and skirt set into a frameless frame, resulting in one of lightest diving masks on the market.


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What's so great about a frameless dive mask? By eliminating the frame, you create a diving mask that sits closer to your eyes. This provides a wider field of view to better take in the underwater sights, plus it reduces volume which makes it easier to clear. Also, since there is no frame, the buckles attach directly to the skirt. This enables the mask to fold relatively flat for packing or for slipping into a BC cargo pocket.

Scubapro's Frameless Mask is diving's original frameless mask, and it's still the best. Its distinctive rectangular single lens shape is classic, providing an excellent field of view on the periphery as well as straight ahead because your eyes don't have to contend with a center post.

The soft silicone skirt on the Frameless is comfortable yet durable, and the double-edge seal feels good against the skin. The push-button buckle system is easy to use and allows for quick adjustments. Buckles attach to flexible tabs on the skirt; this optimizes strap angle when dialing in fit. The wide headband spreads the load on the back of the head, greatly enhancing comfort.

After decades on the diving scene, the original Frameless continues to be the mask of choice among professional divers throughout the world. Its excellent field of view and comfortable fit will keep this stellar mask on the cutting edge of diving well into the future.

  • Frameless single-lens design provides an expansive field of view while reducing volume.
  • Soft silicone skirt uses a double-seal system for a comfortable, leak-proof fit.
  • Push-button buckles attach to tabs on the skirt to optimize range of motion when dialing in fit.
  • Buckle tabs are flexible, enabling the mask to be folded flat for traveling.
  • Wide headband allows for a comfortable fit against the back of the head.

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