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OMS SmartStream Wing + Apeks MTX-RC Regulator Package

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This excellent diver package includes the OMS quick-adjust SmartStream wing system and high performance Apeks MTX-RC regulator set with an MTX-RC octopus and Apeks SPG.

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This excellent diver package includes the OMS quick-adjust SmartStream wing system and high performance Apeks MTX-RC regulator set with an MTX-RC octopus and Apeks SPG.

OMS SmartStream Wing System and Scubapro Regulator Package includes

      • Aluminium or stainless steel backplate with a SmartStream harness
      • OMS Performance 32lbs Mono Wing with inflator hose
      • OMS Deluxe Back Pad
      • Two OMS Cam bands with friction pads and plastic buckles
      • Apeks MTX-RC DIN first stage
      • Apeks MTX-RC second stage with Apeks flexi hose
      • Apeks MTX-RC Octopus with yellow Apeks flexi hose
      • Apeks Messager Regulator Bag
      • Apeks SPG with 32" hose

      OMS Single Tank Wing System

      The OMS Smartstream Signature Single Tank Wing System features a quick-adjust harness developed to alleviate adjustment challenges that may arise while donning a heavy rig.

      The system is fully assembled with Performace Mono 32lbs Wing in different colours, backplate, harness, storage pac with integrated trim weight pockets, weight pockets and required hardware.

      This modular system allows you to use the harness in its adjustable configuration with or without weight pockets (pull the waist straps forward to don and push them off to doff) or simply as a standard DIR fixed harness.

      OMS Performance Mono Wing

      The OMS Performance Mono Wing for single-cylinder diving is a donut-style wing that allows quick and easy air movement from one side of the air cell to the other.

      The OMS Single Cylinder Wing also has stabilising bars built into the wing to reduce tank shifting during the dive when not used with a single tank adapter.

      • Donut style configuration
      • Interior zipper backing
      • Dump valve on the left side
      • 1000 denier nylon outer bag
      • Interior urethane backing protects against abrasions and punctures
      • Inner Bladder Polyurethane material, ultrasonically welded fittings and seams
      • Lift capacity 32lbs

      Backplate with OMS SmartStream Harness

      The OMS Backplate with SmartStream Harness was developed to alleviate adjustment challenges while donning a heavy rig with webbing without compromising from the continuous loop.

      Whether donning the wing/harness or underwater, divers can make necessary adjustments by pulling the waist straps forward through specially designed loops, tightening the shoulder straps and securing the wing/tanks to the diver’s shoulders and back.

      Proper adjustments can be instantly achieved by using OMS SmartStream Harness, while it is also possible to thread the webbing in the classic DIR way with pre-adjustments.

      The uniquely adjustable OMS SmartStream system allows the use of OMS weight pockets or, if the pockets are not required, a loop to hold a canister light.

      The aluminium backplate comes with lightweight aluminium hardware, buckles, tri glides and D-rings, whereas the stainless backplate will come with steel hardware.

      • On-the-fly adjustable easy on-and-off with OMS vertical weight pockets (not included)
      • On-the-fly adjustable easy on-and-off without weight pockets / with canister holder loop & extra buckle
      • Standard "DIR" configuration with pre-adjusted harness settings
      • One size fits all
      • Comes fully assembled with aluminium or steel backplate

       OMS BC Owners Manual (pdf)

      Apeks MTX-RC Regulator

      Go warm, go cold, go deep, go anywhere. Enjoy control in the extreme with the Apeks MTX-RC Regulator 3 Set. This complete seregulator set includes MTX-RC regulator set and octopus, complete with hoses.

      Combining rugged, military grade engineering with the super-smooth breathing experience that Apeks regulators are renowned for, the MTX-RC is the regulator that lets you explore more.

      Featuring the same freeze-resistant technology enjoyed by the whole MTX-R range, the MTX-RC resists free-flows in even the coldest temperatures, while offering the user the additional flexibility to adjust the settings for a more comfortable breathe in less extreme environments.

      All this is achieved using an innovative first stage design that protects the regulator from freezing and a full set of user controls on the second stage to adjust the breathing performance based on the diver’s individual needs.

      Apeks MTX-RC Regulator 3 Set even includes a tactical style messenger bag to keep your regulators safe on your travels. Perfectly sized for a laptop, it’s also your new work bag!

      Diaphragm MTX-RC First Stage

      The Apeks MTX-RC first stage has a unique over-balanced diaphragm design. As the diver descends, the over-balancing feature allows the medium pressure gas in the hose to increase faster rate than ambient. This results in superior performance at depth.

      • Satin plated brass body with heat exchanging ribs for maximum thermal performance.
      • Break through, innovative over-moulded first-stage endcap and environmental diaphragm helps prevent ice build-up that can cause first stage free flow in extreme circumstances. Also protects the first stage from impact damage.
      • Ribbed diaphragm clamp for improved heat exchange in cold water conditions.
      • 5 x medium pressure ports, 4 mounted on a rotating turret for improved hose orientation
      • 2 x angled high pressure ports for optimal hose routing and fitting of transmitters.
      • Double swivel hose for greater freedom of movement and comfort.
      • Easy to grip DIN hand-wheel or over-moulded yoke hand-wheel, only requires one hand to release.
      • Tested for Octopus use - EN250A to 60 metres cold water.
      • Nitrox/Oxygen compatible – Up to 40% O2 outside the EU (European Union).

      MTX-RC Second Stage

      Oversize breathing effort adjuster of MTX-RC second stage makes adjustment easy in cold water whilst wearing gloves. Protective bumpers protect the second stage from impacts and scratches in the most vulnerable places.

      • Ergonomic and simple to use venturi lever.
      • Large purge button.
      • Reversible second stage for either a left or right hand gas supply configuration.
      • A heat exchanger (patented) dissipates the cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in the warmth of the ambient water for a more comfortable breathe.
      • Features an innovative Diver Changeable Exhaust system (DCE). The system gives the diver the ability to change from a small exhaust tee to a large exhaust tee. The regulator is supplied with both sets of exhaust tees.
      • Comfo-bite mouthpiece
      • Flexible nylon braided hose, which has better cold water performance than traditional rubber hose.

      MTX-RC Octopus

      The Apeks MTX-RC Octopus combines rugged, military grade engineering with the super-smooth breathing experience.

      • Venturi diver control for the best performance in any environment.
      • Large, diver friendly self-flushing controllable purge button.
      • Reversible second stage for either a left or right hand gas supply configuration.
      • A heat exchanger (patented), which surrounds the valve mechanism, dissipates the cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in the warmth of the ambient water.
      • Colour coded octopus hose included.
      • Cold water compatible.

      Apeks SPG

      The Apeks SPG dial face is designed with clarity in mind by being uncluttered, with large black figures on a luminous background giving a long phosphorescent effect. This makes viewing as easy as possible, even in poor visibility conditions.

      Comes with rubber protective housing and an attached hose. The hose is 30 inches from 1st stage to the housing, appx. 32 inches to the SPG link within the housing.

      • The gauge case is made from nickel-plated brass
      • The dial window is made of highly shock-resistant material (anti-splinter polycarbonate)
      • A specially designed housing protects the gauge and HP hose fitting from accidental damage
      • A large loop area designed into the housing allows for easy attachment.
      • An over-pressure capsule is fitted in the back of the module to prevent the screen from exploding in the unlikely event of the internal mechanism failing.
      • High-Pressure hose included
      • 360bar

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