Miflex Xtreme Inflator Hose

Miflex Xtreme Inflator Hose - Black

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Miflex inflator hoses for wing, BCDs and drysuits are available in wide range of lengths. Si-tech style fitting.




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Miflex Xtreme Low Pressure inflator hoses for backmount and sidemount wings as well as jacket BCDs and drysuit inflation suitable for OC and CCR use.

Miflex Xtreme LP inflator hoses use an inflator which has a standard BCD seatec style fitting with an internal schraider valve and is the most common design of inflator used in diving.

Standard wings generally use 22" LP hoses but Miflex offers a range of choices.

All miflex hoses are clearly marked with the Miflex brand and technical information required by EN250.

15cm (6")
20cm (8")
25cm (10")
40cm (16")
45cm (18")
50cm (20")
56cm (22")
60cm (24")
65cm (26")
75cm (30")
100cm (40")

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