Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit
Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit

Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit

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Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit provides a simple but elegant solution for stage/deco bottles. The Halcyon stage kit includes everything you need to configure your single cylinder for technical or overhead diving.

They are available in kits for 40cf, 80cf and 7L aluminium cylinders.

The Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit includes premium stainless steel attachment hardware to provide ample security and maneuverability at exactly the right points, while avoiding ill-conceived metal-to-metal contacts.

The kit includes nylon tube webbing to protect divers' water-softened skin or exposure suit from accidental cuts or abrasions. Braided nylon line ensures a hardy connection between diver and bottle, yet still allows the stage to be cut free should the need arise. (Cylinder not included)

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