Halcyon Infinity Single Tank Wing System
Halcyon Infinity Single Tank Wing System
Halcyon Infinity Single Tank Wing System
Halcyon Infinity Single Tank Wing System
Halcyon Infinity Single Tank Wing System
Halcyon Infinity Single Tank Wing System
Halcyon Infinity Single Tank Wing System
Halcyon Eclipse Wing
Halcyon Single Tank Adapter

Halcyon Infinity Single Tank Wing System

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The Halcyon Infinity Wing System offers an unparalleled performance of a back-mounted harness and the easy adjustability of a jacket BC for single-tank divers. It comes completely set-up with Halcyon Eclipse wing, backplate, quick-adjust Cinch harness, tank adapter, deluxe pads and weight pockets.

Wing Size

Wing Size

Steel or Ali Backplate

Steel or Ali Backplate

Upgrade to Weighted STA

Upgrade to Weighted STA


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The Halcyon Infinity Single Tank Wing System is not your typical buoyancy compensator. It offers an unparalleled performance of a back-mounted harness and the easy adjustability of a jacket BC for single-tank divers.

The Infinity's most distinguished feature is the novel harness known as the Cinch Quick-Adjust Harness, which redefines what it means to dive a backplate, providing unparalleled comfort and stability with infinite adjustability.

The Infinity BC features Halcyon’s immensely popular Eclipse wing - a long, narrow profile which supports a diver’s tank along his or her entire length, preventing unnecessary drag and minimising in-water effort.

  • Infinite adjustability in the blink of an eye
  • Snug, stable fit with easy removal
  • Easily adjustable while in or out of water
  • Easily convertible for suits of varying thickness
  • Unit weight: Ali 5.0kg / SS 6.5kg

Halcyon Infinity Wing System

Halcyon Infinity Single Tank Wing System includes

  • Halcyon Eclipse Wing (20lbs, 30lbs or 40lbs) with 22" Inflator hose

  • Halcyon Ali or SS Backplate with Adjustable Cinch Harness

  • Halcyon Single Tank Adapter with SS buckles

  • Halcyon Deluxe Shoulder Pads and Halcyon Deluxe Backplate Pad

  • Halcyon ACB Weight Pockets

Halcyon Eclipse Wing

The Halcyon Eclipse Wing is a doughnut-shaped back-mounted Buoyancy Compensator (BC) allowing divers to enjoy perfect horizontal trim underwater and minimising in-water effort.

The Eclipse Wing is available in three lift capacities to maximise comfort and streamlining while accounting for various buoyancy requirements that result from differences in cylinder size, exposure protection, or equipment requirements.

A circular zipper around the inside of the Eclipse wing allows for easy inspection and replacement of the interior bladder if required. A drainage system in the bottom of the wing allows water to drain rapidly from the outer cover to minimise excess weight.

An inflator elbow strain relief constructed from two-inch nylon webbing minimises wear on this connection.

Which wing size?

The Halcyon Eclipse wing comes in 20, 30 and 40lbs lift capacity and the amount of lift required by a diver depends on his/her kit configuration. Stretched out flat the Eclipse 30 measures 67cm x 46cm compared to the Eclipse 40 which is 70cm x 50cm.

The 30lbs wing is more suitable for a lighter profile diving rig such as a single 12L steel cylinder whereas the 40lbs is ideal for divers who want that "extra bit" of lift for emergency assistance or to carry heavier cylinder setups like a 15L cylinder.

  • Lifetime warranty on inner bladder RF welded seams
  • Available in three lift capacities: 20lbs, 30lbs and 40lbs
  • Outer shell 1680-denier ballistic nylon / Inner bladder 400-denier Nylon

Halcyon Backplate with Cinch Harness

The Halcyon Backplate with Cinch Adjustable Harness comes with either a steel or aluminium backplate. The Halcyon’s novel cinch harness kit is factory fitted to the backplate of your choice. Now you can adjust a harness in a flash.

Now you can change suits or divers and adjust the harness in a flash without compromising the harness integrity or Halcyon’s trademark, continuous webbing.

Halcyon Infinity backplate

Adjustments to the Halcyon Cinch Adjustable Harness occur by simply sliding the harness through a unique assembly. You can even easily adjust the fit in or out of the water with a simple push or pull.

Halcyon backplates have been refined to provide the highest-quality finish and materials available. Small details, like the unique bends near the bottom of the plate, create an ergonomic curve, increasing diver comfort. Meanwhile, the precise fabrication process ensures the quality you have come to expect from Halcyon.

Which backplate to use?  While not set in stone, aluminium backplates are generally preferred by travelling or wet suit divers as they are lighter than their stainless steel counterparts. The popular backplate for drysuit diving is stainless steel, where the additional weight is a benefit (spreading out the weight needed to compensate for buoyancy while taking it off the diver's waist).

  • High-grade, polished 304 stainless steel or hard-coat aluminium
  • Bare backplate weight: Steel 2.22kg / Ali 0.77kg
  • Size: 26cm x 39.3cm

Halcyon Infinity componenetsHalcyon Single Tank Adapter

The stainless steel Halcyon Single Tank Adapter is designed to attach a backplate and single wing onto the single cylinder. The secure cam bands come with stainless steel buckles and Octogrip Pads to prevent sliding.

The Halcyon Single Tank Adapter plate itself is deep enough to add an optional weight. This optional 6lbs central weight can be removed if not required making it back to a standard single tank adapter.

Halcyon ACB Weight System

The integrated Halcyon ACB Weight System pockets are an ideal solution for divers seeking quick-release weight. Each weight pocket can hold up to 5lbs/2.3kg soft or hard weights.

The vertical orientation consumes less space and the side release buckle prevents accidental weight loss but can be quickly released. The removable weight pouch features an easy-carry handle.

A simple tri-glide connection secures the ACB pockets (Active Control Ballast) on the harness waistband and allows the mounting of a primary light behind.

Halcyon Deluxe Shoulder and Backplate Pads

Halcyon Deluxe Shoulder Pads and a Backplate Pad offer ultimate comfort while diving in thinner exposure suits.

 Adjustable Shoulder Pads feature movable Velcro tabs for a custom fit around shoulder D-ring and harness accessories (e.g. backup light).

The backplate pad also features a storage pocket allowing the diver to carry a surface marker or lift bag in a streamlined position.

What is the difference between wing and BCD?

The low drag design of the wing spreads the air in a balanced way on the back of the diver, keeping the wing part of the compensator out of the way and offering unprecedented streamlining during a dive.

There are no air-inflated side panels or pockets as on traditional 'jacket type' BC's, avoiding a "legs down" position often caused by air to the side and front of the diver.

There are no restrictions on the diver's chest - making it extremely comfortable, with no chest compression, and also allowing one size to fit all with no hassle.

The advantages of a wing system over a "jacket type" BC are numerous. The Halcyon Eclipse Wing System depends on a one-piece webbing harness looped through a sturdy aluminium or stainless steel backplate that should last many lifetimes.

Once donned, a webbing crotch strap can be utilised to keep the whole system in place with minimum movement.

The continuous loop harness prevents the frustrating lack of control found with typical buoyancy compensators. Once adjusted to the size and fit of the suit, there is nothing that can break or come loose.

Download the Halcyon Buoyancy Compensator Owners Manual

Confused on which wing to buy? Read our review on the Best Single Tank Wing Systems where we explain commonalities and differences comparing this wing to the other top wing systems.

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