Halcyon Slim Closed Alert Marker 6' SMB
Halcyon 6' SLIM Closed Alert Marker SMB

Halcyon Slim 6' SMB

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The Halcyon Slim 6' SMB has an integrated pressure-relief valve and no-lock connector allowing them to be deployed easily from depth.


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Check out how many wrecks we have around here by clicking on Scimitar Diving's Wreck & Dive Sites chart!

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Underwater Explorers, Unit 1, Maritime Business Centre
Mereside, Portland, Dorset, DT5 1FD


The closed Halcyon Slim 6' SMB offers all the advantages of 1.8m long Halcyon's Super Big Diver's Closed Alert Marker with a narrower profile.

The SMB does not have an open bottom and is designed to be inflated by using an inflator hose through the fitted one-way valve connector.

The SMB has an integrated pressure-relief valve, allowing them to be deployed from depth. When deflated it fits in a pocket or backplate Halcyon MC Storage Pak.

Halcyon SMB provides maximum visibility and redundant flotation to support diving safety and peace of mind.

Halcyon Slim SMB features

  • Length: 6’ (1.8m)
  • 200 denier nylon
  • Lift capacity 5.5kg
  • Integrated over pressure relief valve, allowing them to be deployed from depth
  • Halcyon's No-Lock® connector for easy inflation
  • Easily inflated at depth
  • When deflated fit in a pocket or backplate MC Storage Pak
  • Marked with Coast Guard approved SOLAS reflective tape
  • Lifetime Warranty on RF-welded seams

What’s the best SMB?

This is a question we often get asked in-store, where it’s easy to show and demonstrate the many types of SMBs together with the dozens of reels we hold in stock. But online, where we list so many of these, it’s not always easy to decide on the best SMB that will suit your needs. While we appreciate everyone has their own configuration and needs, THIS ARTICLE aims to help you with your decision.

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