6cf Drsuit Inflation Cylinder - Aluminium

6cf Drysuit Inflation Cylinder - Aluminium

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Aluminium 0.85L suit inflation and/or argon cylinder. 200bar. Popularly used with air but can also be used with argon.
  • Valve: M18
  • Cylinder make: Luxfer
  • Working pressure: 200 bar
  • Weight (empty): 1.2 kg
  • Height (without valve): 28.5cm
  • Diameter: 8cm
  • CE marked.

Due to aviation regulations the cylinder and valve will be shipped disasembled. It will be the customers responsibility to have the cylinder and valve re-assembled

Important Notice:

Cylinders that may during normal use lose all gas pressure above ambient when under water, such as side-mount, bail-out, marker buoy, buoyancy compensator and suit inflation cylinders are at a greater risk of water ingress and internal corrosion when empty. If fresh water is present in a cylinder this can mean the loss of more than 2 mm of the thickness of the cylinder wall within 6 months. This is increased to more than 5 mm in the presence of salt water. (Diving cylinder walls are generally between 2 and 5 mm thick). While testing of diving cylinder remains at 2.5 years for an internal visual amd 5 years for full hydrostatic test in the UK, a more frequent visual inspection by a certified test centre for suit inflation cylinders is recommended).

Recommended practice includes:

  • Never allowing suit inflation cylinder to fully empty underwater
  • Storing cylinders with at least 2 bar of pressure in them
  • Keeping/transporting any empty cylinder with valve closed
  • Drying and capping valves when regulator is not attached

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