360 Observe Diving Mirror
360 Observe Diving Mirror
360 Observe Diving Mirror
360 Observe Diving Mirror

360 Observe Diving Mirror

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Treat yourself or a diver friend to a new design 360 Observe Mirror with bungee strap. An innovative small convex mirror which can be hand and wrist mounted or mounted on a BCD/tool etc., allowing divers to see what’s happening behind them underwater.


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The 360 Observe diving mirror has multiple uses for recreational and technical diving as well as for diving professionals. The 360 Observe can be utilised to monitor buddies/groups while on a dive as well as to conduct thorough self-bubble checks against any leaks.

Due to its convex reflective nature it can also emphasise light signalling. Other uses include looking into confined spaces in wrecks, caves and under reefs, daylight signalling on the surface and on backward surface swims.

  • Concave mirror in plastic surrounding with strap.
  • Boxed.
  • Mirror diameter: 4.8 cm.
  • Housing with bungee holes: 5.2 x 7 cm.
  • Includes single piece bungee

Please Note: The new batch of mirrors come with screen protector installed to avoid scratching (but also makes it look like they are scratched!) The screen protector needs to be removed for clear and proper use.

    Many Uses

    Underwater vision is always restricted - wearing a mask narrows a diver’s field of view; the water may have poor visibility; the environment could be lacking any ambient light, for example inside a wreck or cave system, or in deep water. The 360 Observe is an essential addition to any diver’s kitbag; this convex mirror is worn on the wrist or back of the hand, allowing the wearer to simply raise and angle it for quick all-round vision.

    Dive guides can easily see a group of divers without needing to turn round. Instructors can watch a student perform skills, and even make eye contact through the mirror to reassure them. Technical divers can use the 360 Observe to do a bubble check on hard to see valves, or check a piece of equipment attached to the side or behind is where it should be and performing correctly.

    On ascent, the mirror can be positioned to look up without the diver needing to roll over. At the surface, the mirror is ideal for swimming backwards towards a buoy or a boat. In an emergency it can be used to signal a rescue vessel.

    • Dive guides - keep an eye on your group
    • Instructors - watch a student
    • Bubble-check valves or rebreathers for leaks or faults
    • See in confined spaces and overhead environments like wrecks and caves
    • Looking at wildlife, eg underneath wreckage or on a reef
    • As a signal mirror on the surface
    • When swimming backwards, for example towards a boat

    Also involved in surface sports?

    Can be used while cycling, skiing, various watersports and similar activities.

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