10L Eurocylinders Twinset

10L Eurocylinder Twinset

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Fully assembled O2 clean Eurocylinder 10L Twinset with high-quality BtS manifold and marine grade stainless steel twinning bands. If you collect in-store, you get a FREE air or 32% Nitrox fill.

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Collection or Delivery?


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Fully assembled O2 clean 10L Eurocylinder Twinset with high-quality BtS stainless steel twinning bands and reliable manifold with an isolator.

These 232bar steel 10L twinsets are put together with strong 2-inch wide marine grade stainless steel BtS Twinning Bands with Delrin Thumbwheels. The reliable barrel-type BtS Manifold compliments the sets.

All our twinsets are shipped in the UK fully assembled and come with O2 clean VIP stickers and decals. All sets are tested to working pressure and depressurised prior to shipping by courier allowing you to adjust the centre manifold before your first fill.

If you collect your 10L twinset in-store from Portland, you get a FREE air or 32% Nitrox fill too. UK mainland delivery is available for a small additional charge. For any other destination, please contact us before placing an order.

Please note this is a Special Order listing and item advertised will be ordered in once an order is received.


10L Eurocylinder Twinset specification

  • O2 clean
  • Working Pressure: 232 bar
  • Cylinder diameter: 171mm
  • Cylinder length without valve: 59.5cm
  • Average cylinder weight without valve: 12.2kg
  • Barrel type BtS Manifold (M25)
  • Marine grade stainless steel BtS Bands

Ordering from outside of the UK mainland?

10L Eurocylinder Twinset do not qualify for our standard shipping fees due to the shipping costs. If you want these delivered outside the UK mainland, contact us using our ONLINE CONTACT FORM with your delivery address. We are then able to provide you with a non-binding shipping quote.


New to manifolds and twinsets? FAQ: See how it works

When the manifold centre valve is in the “open” position, both cylinders will be equalised, acting as a larger gas supply whether the diver is breathing off the primary or backup regulator.

So long as left and right-hand valves remain open, each regulator will give access to what is now a single gas supply.

When the manifold valve is in the “closed” position, the cylinders will be isolated from each other and run independently. Effectively creating two separate gas supplies accessed by the backup or primary regulator, respectively.

The main advantage of the twinset manifold is that it provides redundancy in case of failure involving either side. Closing the manifold valve will effectively isolate one cylinder (one side) from the other, providing the diver with the remaining gas from the valve on the functioning side.

If the manifold is in an open position, but either the left or right-hand cylinder valve is closed, the regulator attached to that valve (post) will not provide access to the gas in any of the cylinders.

That post's valve will have shut down gas flow to the regulator attached to it, even if the manifold valve itself is open. However, the regulator on the open post will still have access to the total gas supply (both cylinders) unless the manifold is closed.


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