Why a “new” DirDirect?

Why a “new” DirDirect?

Over the past months, we've been working hand-in-hand with designers and developers at UK-based Kubix Media to create a better user experience for all of you. Transforming into an easier to navigate, easy to search and far more mobile-friendly uplifted site based on our combined years of experience.
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As most of you already know, we’re much more than a warehouse with no physical store presence.

As a leading brick-and-mortar dive centre in the UK, we carefully select what is safe and worthy to use and present to fellow divers, while populating our online store ourselves in line with our own experience and set of values.

Hundreds of hours of effort were put into this multi-talented uplift to create a contemporary site for 2022 – worthy of the cutting-edge equipment we stock and sell, representing world-leading brands.

Our target from the very beginning was to make the site easier to use, with a clearer presentation and enhanced functionality as well as security both for desktop and mobile environments.

Considering the changing shopping patterns we’ve all witnessed and been part of in recent years, we placed special emphasis on easy search functionality, filtering and greater mobile-friendliness.    

Anything Broken?
Anything broken?

No matter how careful we’ve been, we had lots and lots of information to handle and bring to our new platform!

Literally thousands of records, images, products and variants had to be brought across from one platform to another. So it might be we have missed something despite all our efforts.

But we’re sure if anything is missing or hasn’t come across properly, or you have suggestions for even more improvement, you’ll let us know and help us correct any issues, make it an even better site.

We also genuinely welcome your feedback on anything involving this brand-new user experience.

Once again, thank you for all your support over the past 20+ years we’ve been serving you.

We've come a long way since the year 2000 when we were the first dive centre and school in the country to adopt 'Hogarthian' gear configuration in sales and training as well as being the first online store in the UK to reflect that philosophy on what we were willing to sell. 

It's been a magnificent journey thanks to all of you.

Safe diving everyone!
Underwater Explorers | DirDirect Team • July 2022