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Santi Drysuit Connector

Santi Drysuit Connector

Santi Drysuit Connector is an integrating connection to the inflation valve and battery. E/O cord connector passes through a standard suit inflation valve and provides power connection from the external battery to a heated product under the drysuit.

SKU 1030
Apeks or SiTech

Connect your Santi Heated Vest, Gloves or Undersuit with your existing drysuit valve (Apeks or Sitech)

  • Includes E/O cord to connect  and waterproof plug compatible with Santi heating system products.
  • Works with power supply no higher than 12V.
  • Total length of the cables including plugs – 55 cm.
  • Height without the valve - 19 mm.
  • Available with "Apeks” or "Si-Tech" srew size.
  • CE certified.

Once your Sitech or Apeks drysuit inflator valve is removed, the SANTI Drysuit Connector is placed and secured in the valve hole. The cables run through the connector. The existing drysuit valve is then screwed on top of the connector. Select which (Sitech or Apeks) valve you currently have under options as the diameter will be different. Photo below depicts how the drysuit inflator (not included) fits into the SANTI connector. Screw threads seen underneath are inside the drysuit. Drysuit inflator valve in picture not included - You are required to use your existing valve with the Controller.

SANTI DrySuit Connector

Below is a side-by-side comparison of the SANTI Drysuit Connector (Right) with drysuit inflate valve attached and the all-in-one lower profile SANTI Thermovalve where the drysuit inflator and inflator nipple are an integral part of the thermovalve body and there is no excess height. Please note the drysuit inflator valve shown on the right is not included.

SANTI Drysuit Connector

The unit comes boxed with instructions. It consists of the connector, an E/O connector cable on the outside of the suit for power input leading to a plug inside the drysuit to power up any SANTI heating system.

Santi Heating System Drysuit Connector

SANTI Dry Suit Connector for heating systems


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