P-Valve Quick Disconnect

P-Valve Quick Disconnect

Robust P-Valve Quick Disconnector with metal clasp. What differs this Quick Release Hose Connector from others is that it is a quick disconnect system with a one-way flow.

As soon as the system is separated the check valve engages and prevents any flow back. Ideal for longer days, boat trips etc. where the P-valve (and catheter) can be disengaged multiple times or divers can attach themselves to the P-valve hose easily.


The Female section has a check valve and the Male section connects to the catheter making it a safe and convenient system to be used underwater.

The (bulkier) female section with the quick release mechanism is normally attached to the end of the P-Valve Hose leading to the release valve on the dry suit.

The (low profile) male section is then attached to the catheter to be used. If using the widely popular Wideband Catheters you can trim off about 1cm of its connection point to prevent any possible kink.

With the above set, diver is ready. Catheter is worn and can be kept in place (or used for discharge) without being connected to the hose.

Hose connect and disconnect is very simple. It can be done inconspicuously on a boat, beach etc. by using only the plastic heads of the connectors which are visible. The system can then be disconnected for surface break (or as before, connected straight before a dive).

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