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Intermediate Pressure Gauge

Intermediate Pressure Gauge

The compact 1.5-inch diameter ultra-lightweight dual-scale (PSI and BAR) intermediate pressure gauge is ready to go with you anywhere. Perfect for helping diagnose problems in the field, it plugs into any standard BC low pressure inflator hose.


The Intermediate Pressure Gauge is used to measure the intermediate pressure of any regulator. Perfect for field diagnostics, this small gauge plugs into any standard low pressure inflator hose.

Compact and lightweight, the Intermediate Pressure Gauge fits easily in a tool bag or save-a-dive kit.Quickly check your Regulators Intermediate Pressure

  • Attach to Low-Pressure Quick-Disconnect BC Hose
  • Reads up to 300 PSI
  • Protective Rubber Boot
  • Size 1 5/8"
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