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UK Price Match

UK Price Match

As a leading UK technical dive centre we hold a large stock of cutting edge scuba diving equipment in store and have some of the best prices in store and online.

But if you find a product at DirDirect advertised for sale cheaper anywhere else in the UK, we will try to match or even beat the price. This applies to all branded items for sale by any UK Authorized retailer with a store front and is subject to providing us a link of the quote/price and stock availability.

If you wish to contact us for a possible price match you can either email us directly or use our Fast Contact Form. In either case please provide your contact details and send us a link to the product(s) in question and the vendor. 

Exceptions to our Pricematch Policy are:

(1) Grey imports or online sellers abroad misleadingly using co.uk and uk domains,
(2) Goods advertised by individuals without a real store front who've gained access to products,
(3) Out of stock items* advertised as "pre-order", "available for order" or "available in ... time", 

(4) Narratives of verbal quotes (i.e. "so and so said they could do this for me") unless in writing.

* We've come across a number of instances where retailers have supposedly reduced prices on items they do not carry in stock and are selling to order only as an institutionalised policy, sometimes even with outdated price lists falling under the current trade price of products.

We are also aware certain retailers  recently coming into the "technical diving scene" may be inclined to do the similar with products they do not hold in stock, nor have had in the past.

So long as the retailer is an authorised vendor based in the UK with a brick and mortar store front we will, in any event, do our best to match prices on condition that any sale itself falls within our own contractual terms with manufacturers/suppliers and is reasonable to proceed with.


UK Price Match




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