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Sidemount Regulators


Apeks DST First Stage Regulator with 5th Port

This rock-hard and tested Apeks DST 1st regulator is now available with a fifth port conversion kit fitted to upgrade it from 4 to 5 ports. The end-port allows any length dry suit/wing LP hose attachment and direct routing to the kit. The DST boasts a swivel turret making it ideal for any kind of side-slung setup.

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Apeks MTX-R Sidemount Regulator Set

The Apeks MTX-R sidemount regulator set is a super tough, rugged, high performance, go anywhere sidemount regulator set designed to meet the rigours of cold water and extreme sidemount diving.

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Apeks XTX50 Sidemount Regulator Set

As the popularity of sidemount diving continues to grow around the world, Apeks Sidemount Regulator set contains all of the necessary hardware and accessories to complete your breathing set-up, including two award-winning XTX50 regulators.

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Dive Rite XT Nomad Sidemount Regulator Set

The Dive Rite XT Nomad Sidemount Regulator's ambidextrous orientation was made for sidemount diving . The XT left hand regulator provides the perfect hose routing for the left tank paired with our 60-inch Airflex hose and a right angle adapter.


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