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Scubapro X-Tek Pure Tek Double Wing System

Complete Scubapro X-Tek Pure Wing System for twinset diving includes X-Tek 27kg Donut wing, X-Tek Pure Tek harness, X-Tek stainless steel backplate and storage pack.

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Scubapro X-Tek Form Tek System

Never before has a heavy twin tank system been so comfortable to dive. That's because Form-Tek's unique three-piece "Form" harness provides the perfect combination of padding and adjustment.


Scubapro X-Tek Pro System Extreme

With Scubapro X-Tek Pro Tek System Twin/Twin Extreme system your are perfectly equipped for every dive. Double bladder wing for complete redundancy, stainless steel back plate and an extremely durable harness provides highest safety in every situation.

Wing Size

Scubapro X-Tek Donut Twinset Wing

Scubapro X-Tek Donut Twinset Wing is available in two lift capacities: 18kg/40lbs and 27kg/60lbs. Provides unprecedented buoyancy control regardless of diving position.

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Wing Size

Scubapro X-Tek HS Twin Wing

The Scubapro X-Tek Horseshoe Twin Wing is a double bladder horseshoe wing with a lift capacity of 27kg or 40kg and bungee system to minimise drag.

Wing Size

Scubapro X-Tek HS Wing

Scubapro X-Tek Horseshoe Wing, available with 27Kg/60lbs lift capacity.

With Bungee

Scubapro X-Tek Backplate Aluminium

Scubapro X-Tek Aluminium Backplate - The perfect travel companion, maximum stability despite low weight.


Scubapro X-Tek Stainless Steel Backplate

Scubapro X-Tek Stainless Steel Backplate features optimized stability. Ergonomic shape for maximum comfort and eliminates back stress on extended dives.


Scubapro X-Tek Form Harness - Complete

The three-piece Scubapro X-TEK Form Harness system provides the perfect combination of padding and adjustment for fit and comfort, along with quick-release buckles for the ultimate in ease of use. Complete with SS backplate and crotch strap.


Scubapro X-Tek Pro Harness

The Scubapro X-Tek Pro Harness with SS backplate is an excellent choice for divers looking for the security of one-piece harness but would like like a little more comfort and quick release shoulder strap.

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Scubapro X-Tek Pure Tek Harness

Scubapro X-Tek Pure Tek Harness creates a comfortable foundation for building a system to carry single or double tanks. Includes webbing harness and hardware.

Add X-Tek Crotch Starp
Add X-Tek Backplate
Add X-Tek Storage Pack

Scubapro X-Tek Soft Travel Backplate

Scubapro's X-Tek Soft Travel Backplate is completely flexible which makes it much easier to pack than a traditional solid single tank adapter. Stainless steel grommets ensure the holes do not rip through, two sets of centre holes allow assembly with other backplates.


Scubapro X-Tek Backplate Storage Pack

The Scubapro X-Tek Backplate storage pack allows for an inflatable device such as a DSMB or a liftbag to be neatly stored behind a divers back. Bacplate not included.


Scubapro X-Tek Crotch Strap

Scubapro X-Tek Crotch Strap attaches to all backplates, 50mm width, complete with 2 stainless steel D-Rings.


Scubapro X-Tek Shoulder Pads

Add a bit of comfort with a pair of Scubapro X-Tek Shoulder Pads - Fits over the Scubapro X-Tek harness range.


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