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Scubapro MK17 G260 R195 Long Hose Regulator Package

Scubapro MK17 G260 R195 Long Hose Regulator Package
Scubapro G260 2nd Stage Scubapro R195 2nd Stage Scubapro MK17 Evo 1st Stage

The Scubapro MK17 EVO first stage with G260 second stage and R195 backup is a classic long hose regulator set for single cylinder diving. 7' main regulator hose and 24" backup regulator hose included.

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A classic combination of Scubapro MK17 EVO first stage, G260 second stage and R195 backup is an excellent choice for both cold and warm water divers.

ScubaproSet includes:
1 x Scubapro MK17 EVO first stage (DIN)
1 x Scubapro G260 second stage
1 x Scubapro R195 second stage
1 x 210cm (7') main regulator hose (rubber)
1 x 24" backup regulator hose (rubber)


The Scubapro G260 Regulator is a balanced, adjustable second stage featuring metal components for excellent cold-water resistance. Its high performance makes it a choice for all demanding divers and it will be the natural choice for G250 fans.

Scubapro G260 Regulator

TNylon fiberglass design features Scubapro's largest second stage casing and diaphragm for the ultimate in breathing sensitivity, regardless of position in the water.

Metal components, including metal air barrel and metal valve inlet tube, increase resistance to freezing when diving in extreme conditions.

Air-balanced valve smoothes out the inhalation effort when diving at varying depths and supply pressures. High-flow exhaust valve reduces exhalation for better overall breathing comfort.

Diver-adjustable inhalation effort knob fine-tunes air delivery to suit personal tastes. Venturi-Initiated Vacuum Assist (VIVA) dive/pre-dive switch prevents free flows in cold water or when used as an octopus.


The Scubapro R195 is a modern second stage design based on the heritage of the time-honored R190. The R195 combines a classic downstream valve with a large diaphragm, functional purge button and VIVA switch for smooth and easy operation.

Scubapro R195Regulator

Classic downstream valve comes with a VIVA switch to control free flows. Super-flow hose features larger inner diameter to increase airflow. Ultra-comfortable orthodontic mouthpiece is easy to grip yet doesn't inhibit airflow.


The Scubapro MK17 EVO is Scubapro's premium high performance balanced diaphragm first stage.

Engineered specifically for cold water and harsh environments, its internal components are completely sealed off from the elements so neither water nor pollution can get inside the chrome-plated marine grade brass body to foul the mechanism.

Scubapro MK17 EVO Regulator

Air balanced diaphragm delivers constant and effortless airflow unaffected by depth, tank pressure, or breathing rate. Environmentally sealed system prevents water and pollutants from fouling the inner mechanism.

More compact design features a smaller dry ambient pressure chamber and spring, although the bulletproof inner parts remain the same. Dry ambient pressure chamber increases freezing resistance, ensuring consistent airflow in the coldest conditions.

Scubapro Single Cylinder Regulator

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