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Scubapro C370 MK17 R095 + Level Package

Scubapro C370 MK17 R095 + Level Package
Scubapro Level C370 MK17 Scubapro Level BCD Scubapro Level BCD Scubapro Level C370 MK17

BCD+Full Reg Set: A value for money Scubapro starter package consisting of the lightweight but rugged Level BCD and the balanced cold water MK17 1st stage with C370 2nd stage, a realiable R095 Octopus and SPG. The package offers great performance and comfort for any recreational diving scenario.

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A value for money starter package based around the lightweight but rugged Scubapro Level BCD including the balanced  cold water Scubapro MK17 1st stage and C370 2nd stage as well as the R095 Octopus and single gauge SPG. The package offers great performance and comfort for any recreational diving scenario.

Complete package includes:

  • Scubapro Level BCD
  • Scubapro MK17 Evo 1st stage
  • Scubapro C370 2nd stage with hose
  • Scubapro R095 Octopus with hose
  • Scubapro Analog Mini SPG (400 bar) with hose

Scubapro MK17 C370 LevelWhy we chose this setup:

The Scubapro jacket-style Level BCD with intergrated weight system brings together all the best performance and comfort features you’ll need for any recreational diving scenario. It is lightweight yet extremely rugged.

The MK17-C370 Evo regulator set combines a premium first stage with an air-balanced C370 second stage. With the C370 and environmentally sealed MK17 first stage in your dive bag you’ll be ready to dive everywhere.

The set is complemented with a Scubapro R095 Octopus and SPG.


The MK17 Evo 1st stage is completely sealed off from the elements, ensuring trouble-free operation no matter how cold or murky the water gets.

Scubapro C370 MK17 R095It is more compact yet delivers better breathing performance than its predecessor. Its improved internal design allows more airflow from the LP ports which have been reconfigured for better hose routing.

The C370 2nd stage brings forth the best features of its predecessor, the C350, while adding a balanced valve to its design. Its new exhaust tee, based on the S620Ti’s design, contributes to a 10% improvement in work of breathing over the C350.

The R095 Octopus combines all the features of the R095 with a high-visibility yellow purge cover and a 39-inch yellow hose that makes it that much easier to share with a buddy in need.

For new divers as well as veterans looking for an economical backup breather that's simple, dependable and offers excellent visibility, the R095 octo is a great choice. It's also a versatile second stage for use on deco tanks thanks to its reversible hose attachment feature.

The set also comes with a Scubapro Analog Mini SPG with 32" hose. The SPG is compact but easy to read.


Scubapro LevelBCDConvenient swivel shoulder buckle straps, a sternum strap and adjustable cummerbund with double-pull over-strap enable you to dial in the perfect fit.

The bladder is designed to comfortably wrap around your body without squeeze, and the full-sized backpack, working together with the Super-Cinch tank band, holds the tank rock solid for maximum stability.

The integrated weight system loads easy and ditches even easier with its low profile 40mm flat buckles.

Also included are two large cargo pockets, one of which offers metal grommets for attaching a knife, four D-rings for clipping on additional gear, and two Octo pockets for storing both a safe second and a console hose.

  • EndurTex high-tenacity 420 nylon fabric bladder.
  • Quick-release integrated weight pouches (5kg each).
  • Two large pockets with Velcro closures.
  • Four stainless steel D-rings.
  • A pair of Octo pockets for storing octo and console SPG.
  • Balanced Power Inflator.

Scubapro Level BCD Size


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