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Safety is paramount in diving. We have picked a selection of safety kit including 360 Observe Mirror to see behind and Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS for those remote dives.

Safety Kit


360 Observe Diving Mirror

Treat yourself to the revamped 2021 360 Observe Mirror with bungee strap. An innovative small convex mirror which can be hand and wrist mounted or mounted on a BCD/tool etc., allowing divers to see what’s happening behind them underwater. 360 Observe can be utilised to monitor buddies/groups as well as to conduct thorough self-bubble checks. Due to its convex reflective nature it can also emphasise light signalling.


Nautilus Technical Dive Strobe

The Nautilus XM-L2U2 strobe was made with the technical deep water diver in mind and is very powerful with an irradiation distance of 200 metres. Boasting a 0-2500 lumens Cree XM-L2U2, the strobe is made out of aircraft grade hard anodised aluminium and is waterproof to 100m.


Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS

Don’t get left behind! The Nautilus Marine Rescue GPS is a simple to use, low-profile, Personal Search & Rescue GPS Locator. At less than half the size of the original Nautilus radio it can be carried on every dive and is incredibly simple to use, like flipping a switch: Undo the latch and open, turn on, remove the antenna retainer, and press the red button. That’s it !

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Scubapro Blow Gun

The Scubapro "blow gun" can be connected to any low pressure inflator or dry suit hose via LP hose quick coupling. Bend the nose of the rubber body to get an easily-controlled LP jet of air. An essential accessory for any diver.


IST Air Nozzle

IST Air Nozzle - Attaches to standard QD fitting B.C.D. hose to inflate lifting bags and other equipment from air cylinder.


Dive Rite Jon Line

The Dive Rite Jon Line, contains 5ft of 1" webbing.


OMS Jon Line

The OMS Jon Line helps to maintain your position on a crowded shot line or anchor line during ascent. Comes complete with 2.4m webbing, pouch and stainless steel bolt snap.


Fin Shape Whistle

IST Fin Shape Whistle come in fluorescent yellow or orange complate with split ring.


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