XDeep Radical Mask Black
Black XDeep Radical Mask
Black XDeep Radical Mask

Black XDeep Radical Mask

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Black XDeep Radical Mask is a low-profile, single-lens dive mask that gives an excellent field of vision. The soft skirt moulds to your face.


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Black XDeep Radical Mask is a low-profile dive mask with a single lens offering an excellent vision field. Comfortable silicone skirt with silicone mask strap. Also available in a transparent version, XDeep Mask - Transparent.

Black XDeep Radical Mask has a superbly soft inner skirt moulding itself to your face, achieving a close and comfortable fit.

XDeep has achieved this great fit by completely rethinking and redefining the shape of a traditional diving mask and using advanced modelling technologies to turn their ideas into reality.

Technically speaking, they analysed the weak points of current dive masks and then developed and tested advanced 3D printed models, refined with feedback from hundreds of divers of all face shapes and sizes. Adding 3D modelling to the softest silicone ever used in an XDeep Radical Mask delivers outstanding comfort and performance.

Be Safer with Sharper Sight with XDeep Radical Mask

Blind spots created by traditional mask designs are minimised in XDeep Radical Mask, especially in the most critical directions. See your team, your equipment and your instrumentation with a wider and clearer field of vision.

XDeep Radical Mask

Great Grip even in Thick Gloves

Not all of us dive in warm clear water. In the chillier climates, we have to manage our gear in thick gloves, wet or dry. Simple in application but thoughtful design, the XDeep Mask has been optimised for great grip, whatever your hands are in. Equalise with ease.

XDeep Radical Mask

Space where you need it...

There is no compromise on keeping minimal internal volume, but with care and application, XDeep has created extra space around the nose area where most people want and need it.

XDeep Radical Mask

XDeep Mask has no extra space where you don’t need it

Large-volume masks can be uncomfortable and harder to clear and equalise and are prone to fogging. By minimising the internal volume XDeep eliminates all these issues from XDeep Radical Mask.

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