Venture Heat Diving Vest
Venture Heat Diving Vest
Venture Heat Diving Vest
Venture Heat Diving Vest
Venture Heat Diving Vest

Venture Heat Diving Vest

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The Venture Heat 32W heated diving vest is 100% waterproof and depth rated to 100m (300ft), made to be worn under wetsuits in colder conditions or for longer dives, and can also be used for thermal protection under a drysuit. The vest consists of two infrared heating elements woven into the fabric, both back and front, drawing 16W each.




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Venture Heat, a US-based specialist in body-worn thermal products for over two decades, has brought out a brand new 100% waterproof soft shell vest depth rated to 100 metres even when exposed to water and dubbed by the company as a "Heated Dive Suit."

By 100% waterproof the company means the vest can be worn under a wetsuit to its rated depth together with the fully sealed waterproof batteries and connectors with up to 7 hours of heating.

The design appears to be an upgrade and improvement to the original Venture Heat diving vest with Dive Vest D616A Version 2 boasting many improvements ranging from easy access zippered pockets with expandable panels, longer run times, reinforced battery joints, haptic pulse feedback and a large button on the remote control for easy heat control. 

This diving vest has both front and back heating elements and comes with two compact  5.2Ah (57.72Wh) Li-ion battery packs that power it. The heating elements are close to the surface of the fabric and are noticeable to touch.

• Upgraded Carbon Fibre Heating
• Increased Flexibility
• Infrared Heat

Control of the vest's power setting is through a wrist-worn watch-style remote controller. The three thermal settings are indicated by haptic vibrating temperature control - 3 pulse/light=High heat, 2 pulse/light=Medium heat, 1 pulse/light=Low heat. Depending on mode, run times range from 3.5 to 7 hours.

IMPORTANT: As the vest can get very hot, especially at its highest setting, it should never be worn against bare skin.

Specifications at a glance:

  • Wetsuit and Drysuit compatible - 100% Waterproof system
  • Waterproof grade -100 M.
  • Performance 12 Volt / 32 Watt.
  • 3 Level temperature controller settings with built-in receiver
  • Vibrating power setting feedback signal
  • 2 Heating Zones (Front 16W - Back 16W)
  • Li-Ion Battery 2 pieces 11,1 Volt - 5000mAh with LED indicator
  • Runtime 3.5 to 7 hours (using 2 Batteries)
  • Rechargeable Wireless remote controller
  • Softshell Material
  • 2 Side Pockets for batteries with wize extender with zipper

What's Included:

Venture Heated Vest Package


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