Suex XJ-T Scooter
Suex XJ-T Scooter
Suex XJ-T Scooter
Suex XJ-T Scooter
Suex XJ-T Scooter
Suex XJ-T Scooter
Suex XJ-T Scooter
Suex XJ-T Scooter Blue
Suex XJ-T Scooter Grey
Suex XJ-T Scooter Red

Suex XJ-T Scooter

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The Suex XJT is a underwater scooter for technical/professional use with aluminium body.




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The XJ-T underwater scooter uses a Nimh battery that charges in just 4.5 hours and offers 75 minutes of autonomy at cruising speed and 35 minutes at a top speed og=f 85m/min. The XJ-T can be stored in the aircraft hold for easy transport to any location and in all conditions.


The aluminium body and carbon fibre ProLock propeller allow you to reach depths of up to 200 metres, while maintaining full control of the dive with the Calypso app and the Eron D-1 Dashboard, which connects to the motor, battery and Eron D-1 (sold separately).


Downloading the Calypso app gives you easy access to your XJ-T’s engine information and allows you to adjust the acceleration ramp.


Combining the XJ-T and Eron D-1 provides accesss to the basic mode, where data such as dive time, depth and compass heading are recorded.

  • Charge indicator with high-intensity blue LED lights located at the rear of the scooter
  • Patented locking system without hooks or screws, minimising the risk of snagging and eliminating the risk of accidental opening
  • Fully mechanical safety system to cut off power in all conditions
  • Patented system for releasing and refitting the propeller underwater without tools and separate parts
  • Electronic propeller speed control device and Soft Start system for progressive starting of the motor
  • Additional system to connect the motor to the battery in the event of a control board failure
  • Battery/motor separator in transparent material for easy inspection of the motor compartment
  • Ergonomically designed control handle for easy control of direction and speed
  • Watertight separation of the motor compartment and the battery, for increased safety when diving and protection during preparation


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