Suex VR-X Scooter
Suex VR-X Scooter
Suex VR-X Scooter
Suex VR-X Scooter
Suex VR-X Scooter

Suex VR-X Scooter

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The Suex VRX scooter (DPV) is a powerful but compact and reliable underwater scooter depth rated to 100m, covering most open water diving conditions. With its two-speed control, Hi-GR Compound body and propellor, it can do 150 minutes at cruising speed and 100 minutes at a maximum speed of 65m/min.


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Imagine diving intermediate to deeper wrecks in your area... You've paid for your gas and boat, and there's so much to see but always so little time to cover distance. In comes the Suex VRX Scooter... Suex' most popular recreational scooter, depth rated to 100 metres.

With an impressive 100 minute runtime on it's maximum speed of 65m/min*, the powerful, compact and reliable Suex VR-X Scooter will cover most open water diving conditions and equipment configurations, taking the effort out of your diving while reducing your work of breathing.

With two-speed control, PropLock propeller and body in Hi-GR Compound, you can travel underwater for up to 150 minutes at cruising speed, use the scooter to follow a shotline down even in currents, do the whole length of most wrecks and dive sites available down to 100 metres.  

The popular Suex VRX is a reliable and compact scooter covering most open water diving conditions, taking the effort out of diving while helping to reduce work of breathing... a great choice for the ambitious diver.  

Weighing only 16.5Kg on the surface with a length of 720mm the Suex VRX is easy to transport on and off dive boats, with an external main switch making long transport out of water safer without accidentally switching on.

Suex VRX PropLock system adds to underwater safety by allowing divers to easily remove the propellor underwater to disengage any plants or fishing lines that may get caught up.  

Its Li-ION battery with external charging system that offers a capacity of 512Wh to cover longer dives has an external battery indicator where the runtime is displayed via an LED ring: Blue meaning the battery is full while the more towards red it turns, the less runtime is left. If it turns total red it will mean there is approximately 10-15 minutes runtime left. 


Suex Scooters are equipped with bluetooth devices that allow to get motor and battery information (if Li-ion battery with Drive system has been installed).

These functions are available only out of water and require the Calypso App (available on Google Play & App store). In order to turn the Bluetooth system on, the battery has to be connected to the motor and the Scooter has to be switched ON.

In order to read the battery data when the battery is off-board, connect the battery to the charger and plug the charger to the main. Once the Bluetooth devices are ON, the application is ready and the data can be read.

First time connection will require Bluetooth pairing of devices and smartphone.


The body and the PropLock propeller of the Suex VRX are made of high-performance Technopolymers/polycarbonate.


Thanks to the Suex PropLock system, it is possible to remove the propeller even while diving to easily remove tangled lines or nylon threads.

  • Charge indicator with high-intensity blue LED lights (load) and red LED lights (discharge)
  • External Li-ion battery charging port
  • Patented locking system without hooks or screws, minimising the risk of snagging and eliminating the risk of accidental opening
  • Fully mechanical safety system to cut off power in all conditions
  • Patented system for releasing and refitting the propeller underwater without tools and separate parts
  • Electronic propeller speed control device and Soft Start system for progressive starting of the motor
  • Battery/motor separator in transparent material for easy inspection of the motor compartment
  • Ergonomically designed control handle for easy control of direction and speed
  • Watertight separation of the motor compartment and the battery, for increased safety when diving and protection during preparation


* Maximum speed of 65m per minute will vary subject to diving conditions including underwater currents, users equipment configuration and whether diving in wet or drysuit as well as a divers experience level in scooter diving. 


Due to weight and size, the advertised shipping rates for Suex Scooters are valid only for shipments dispatched to UK mainland addresses. We do not offer max-cap global shipping for this product.

For international deliveries please contact us in advance of any purchase. If it is possible to ship the product to your country (certain restrictions apply) we will calculate the shipping rate at cost according to weight, dimensions and destination  - and let you know. 

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