Scubapro Bella BCD - Pink
Scubapro Bella BCD - Pink
Scubapro Bella BCD - Pink

Scubapro Bella BCD - Pink

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Scubapro Bella BCD was specifically designed and meticulously tailored for female divers. This front-adjustable BC incorporates an exciting array of features, including a wrap-around bladder which retains its cradle-like shape even when fully inflated.




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 The premium front-adjustable Bella BC is made exclusively for women divers.

The Bella BCD is specifically designed and meticulously tailored by Scubapro for female divers who prefer the comfort and security of a front-adjustable BC that's shaped and sized to conform perfectly to their body contours. The high-end, front-adjustable Bella BCD comes with every convenience and performance feature you can imagine, including Scubapro's exclusive wraparound bladder which retains its cradle-like shape even when fully inflated, providing a comfortable fit both at depth and on the surface.

Because the air bladder wraps around you, placing lift primarily under your arms and around your waist, the Bella BCD is extremely well-balanced so you're less reliant on rear trim weights to achieve a comfortable swimming position. And if you have to spend any time on the surface the wraparound design provides a very relaxing surface floating position.

Strategically placed padding, an adjustable cummerbund, quick-release rotating shoulder buckles (for optimum strap routing) and a sternum strap all work together to deliver a comfortable, dialed-in fit. And a contoured hard pack and single-band Super Cinch tank buckle solidy lock in the tank and provide a stable ride at depth.

The integrated quick-release weight system is first-rate in both compactness and security. Once clipped in, your ballast weights won't be going anywhere unless you want them too, and then it's an easy buckle squeeze-and-pull for a quick ditch.

For convenience, the Bella BCD offers two large zippered cargo pockets fitted with grommets for attaching a knife (not included). There is also a small zippered storage pouch on the cummerbund, and 4 large pre-bent stainless steel D-rings, along with two smaller stainless D-rings, that provide convenient clip-on points for additional gear.

If you're tired of fighting with bulky BCs that don't fit, climb into a Bella BCD and experience the most comfortable diving ever.

  • Designed and sized for women divers
  • 420 denier nylon for light weight and long-lasting durability.
  • Wraparound air bladder retains its cradle-like shape even when fully inflated.
  • New Y-Fit shoulders with a triangular stainless steel ring balance the pressure on the body to maximize fit and comfort.
  • Soft neoprene neck and padded backpack optimize comfort.
  • Adjustable cummerbund compensates for suit compression, ensuring a snug fit at varying depths.
  • Super Cinch tank buckle system locks the tank in solid for maximum stability at depth.
  • Quick-release integrated weight pouches feature a high-security flat-buckle system.
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