Finnsub Finn Light 3600 Long Torch - Sidemount

Finnsub Finn Light 3600 Long Torch - Sidemount

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Powerfull Finnsub Finn Light 360 Long diving light with superior design for all scuba divers. Half power (1800 lm) still outclasses most canister lights and provides four hours of usage. 3600 lumen mode provides a bright light that is safe to use on the surface.


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Powerfull Finnsub Finn Light 3600 Long Sidemount diving light with superior design for all scuba divers. 3600 lumen in a perfectly machined package provides min. one hour of light for one unforgettable dive.

Using the intuitive magnetic switch system it is possible to change to 1800 lumen which doubles the burn time. With a precise beam angle of 10° the light projected is highly effective in any environment, highlighting objects whatever the water condition.

FinnSub Finn Light 3600 Long


The new light head construction makes the switching easier. No more searching for the small button in the dark. The magnetic ring stops in accurately defined positions when changing the light modes.

Cooling ribs on head create the unique look of FL 3600 series. The perfectly machined accumulator case and deliberate details come up to the superior design of this light. When using the light you feel safely as with the serious gun in the darkness.

With aluminium alloy covered with the hard eloxal coating the lamp is intended for the use in extreme conditions.


There are three powered LED diodes Cree XM-L providing 3600 lm used in FINN LIGHT 3600 series. They shine with cold white light 6300 K and guarantee 10 000 hours of permanent usage.

Exceptionally effective optics concentrates the light in 10° angle and gives the optimized shape of beam! The spot of light allows the effective signalization to your dive partner.


There is a proved, tried and tested electronics inside. The lamp is being manipulated with the improved magnetic ring on head.

The first turn of the magnetic ring in any direction switches the light on 360 lumen mode that can be used on the surface safely. In the safety mode it is possible to use the lamp on the surface (for preparing of gear or in dry caves for instance) and it shines up to 12 hours.

Another turn in clockwise direction swiches the light into the half power 1800 lumen. Third turn with the magnetic rings starts the full power mode that produces a super strong 3600 lumen light beam. Turning counter clockwise will lead to the reverse procedure.

  • 3 high efficiency LED Cree XM-L
  • luminous flux 3600 lm
  • 10° focus beam
  • optimized beam for effective signaling
  • 3 modes of operation - 3600 lm / 1800 lm / 360 lm
  • Li-Ion accumulator
  • resistant aluminium alloy body
  • borosilicate glass
  • anatomic Goodman handle
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