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OrcaTorch produces a variety of high quality dive lights distributed by Sea&Sea in the United Kingdom. The company's founder Carson Weng is an outdoor enthusiast who has more than 10 years experience in the manufacturing of high-end flashlights. Realising as a diver that a lot of underwater lights were of low quality and lacked innovation, he decided to use his talent in the underwater lighting industry and created a high quality and innovative dive light brand: naming it OrcaTorch.



OrcaTorch Tech Dive Light D630

Bestseller! The OrcaTorch D630 is a perfect canister light for cave and wreck diving or similar technical diving activities. With a super-focus 7º beam the light delivers up to 4,000 lumens for 5 hours. Its angle-adjustable cable and low profile makes it perfectly suited for both sidemount and back mount diving.

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OrcaTorch Tech Dive Light D611

The Orcatorch D611 light provides up to 2400 lumen output and a maximum of 22 hours run time on low mode. The battery canister containing two rechargeable 26650 Lion batteries makes the combined unit extremely light and low profile.


OrcaTorch D530 Dive Light

OrcaTorch D530 is a must-have dive light for divers. Its 1300 lumen output and 8 degree super focus beam angle provides a concentrated long beam. The light uses a titanium alloy side switch that offers 2 lighting modes.


OrcaTorch D530V Video Light - 1200 lumen

OrcaTorch D530V is a underwater video light with Max 1200 lumens output. It has 140 degrees super wide floodlighting with no blind spot. The light uses a titanium alloy side switch that offers 2 lighting modes, which allows for easy operation underwater.


OrcaTorch D520 - 1000 Lumen

Orcatorch D520 is a palm-sized light with a mechanical rotary switch. Powered by one 18650 rechargeable battery, its max runtime can reach 2 hours. Its robust water pressure resistant construction, high portability and easy operation makes the D520 a good choice both for recreational and technical diving.

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OrcaTorch D550 970 Lumen

OrcaTorch D550 is equipped with a totally sealed magnetic controlled tail switch which offers high waterproofness and easy operation underwater. Maximum of 970 lumen output and over 5 hours 45 minutes runtime, this portable diving torch offers high and low modes as well as an additional strobe mode.


OrcaTorch D820V Video Light - 1600 Lumen

OrcaTorch D820V is a compact video light. It has 120 degrees super wide floodlighting with no blind spot. Three kind of light sources: neutral white, UV and red, which not only helps your photography or videography in the dark water but also can creates amazing fluorescence of marine organisms.


OrcaTorch D900V Video Light - 2200 Lumen

OrcaTorch D900V is a video dive light specially designed for the underwater photographer. It features four colors within one light: Red, UV, Neutral white with 120°wide beam and cool white with 8° spot beam. Up to 18 hours runtime.


OrcaTorch D910V Video Light - 5000 Lumen

OrcaTorch D910V is a high CRI neutral white video light for underwater photography. It features a chip-on-board CREE LED array to create even illumination with a 5000 lumen output and 120 degree wide angle beam.


Orca 3 Way Ball Joint Clamp

Three way aluminum ball joint clamp with aluminum knob nut for connecting 3 ball arm in a triangular shape.


Orca Ball Joint Mount

OrcaTorch 1" Ball Joint Bracket for Orca lights. Suitable for D500+, D500V+, D520 and D550.


OrcaTorch H1 Camera Tray

OrcaTorch double level camera tray setup including base tray, upper tray and two handles with ball mounts.


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