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Light For Me NW7 with 8.6Ah Battery

Light For Me NW7 with 8.6Ah Battery
Light For Me LFM NW7 Light Head Light For Me LFM NW7 Light Head Light For Me LFM NW7 Light Head Light For Me LFM NW7 Light Head Light For Me LFM NW7 Light Head Light For Me LFM NW7 Light Head

Save Over £100Winter Promotion! Two of LFM's best selling and strongest torches combined in one compact head to be used individually or together now on a time limited package offer. Including high-power 8.6Ah battery canister and charger - only on DirDirect. Narrow & Wide beam up to 4800 lumen power and burn times ranging from 2 to 5 hours. 

LFM’s innovative NW7 (Narrow Wide Seven LED) diving torch combines the leading traits of the most popular 4TEC and 3XML Alexandra light heads into one compact head as a three-in-one adjustable beam unit for serious divers. Users can select whether to use the narrow penetrative or wider beam - plus all of the seven beams combined at the same time with a whopping 4800 lumen of output. The 8.6Ah battery pack allows for 2 to 5 hours burn time depending on mode.

£615.00 £724.00
save 15%

This winter we’re bringing you a spectacular deal to brighten up your diving - for as long as stocks last. Narrow-to-wide beam NW7 with up to 4800 lumen output and 2 to 5 hours burn time, including 8.6Ah canister battery and charger. All for a very special price and 1 working day dispatch.

Save Over £100The Light-For-Me NW7 is a very special light head combining two torches in one with three modes and a narrow to extra-wide powerful beam reaching 4800 lumen. Divers have the choice of using two separate sources or light or both together utilising the combined strength of 7 Leds. One group of four XPE II Leds are identical to those in LFM 4 Tec torches while a second group of three XML II Leds is similar to the 3XML Alexandra (but with a wider beam due to reflector). Each can be used individually or both can be used together whether you need narrow beam, wide lighting or a powerful mix of both.

Made from anodised aluminium and equipped with a piezzo switch, the (48W) NW7 modes of light are 1200 lumen, 3600 lumen or 4800 lumens (on full power) with burn times ranging from 2 to 18 hours depending on mode and battery used. The 6° to 70° beam covers a wide range of underwater applications.

Package includes:

  • LFM NW7 Light Head with umbilical cord and RCA plug
  • LFM 8.6Ah Battery Canister with RCA connector supplying 2-5 hours of burn time
  • Charger and UK adapter




Light for Me NW7 Light HeadAll LFM lightheads come with custom made Goodman handles. LFM Goodman handles are made from anodised aluminium, are light, height adjustable and comfortable. They also have additional holes for attachment/mounting. LFM lightheads are connected to the canister by a strong, durable and detachable cable via a male/female RCA connection. The canister cable entry point on the battery is also the charging point for batteries that do not have two ports.

  • 3 modes of light
  • 4 LEDs on - 1200 lumens - 5 degrees, 18W
  • 3 LEDs on - 3600 lumens - 70 degrees, 30W
  • All 7 LEDs on - 4800 lumens, 48W
  • Dual channel driver for LED groups
  • Made from anodised aluminium
  • Equipped with piezo switch
  • Head: diameter 64-90mm, length 43mm
  • Almost neutral underwater



ACCU S 8.6Ah
- Burntimes with NW7: 4LEDs 5 hours, 3LEDs 3.5 hours, 7LEDs 2 hours

LFM 8.6Ah Battery Canister


  • Battery pack: 8.6 Ah 14.4V Li-Ion
  • Max power output: 70W
  • Made from anodised aluminium
  • Delrin top/bottom
  • RCA cable attachment and charging point
  • Cordura protective cover with S/S jubilee clips
  • Belt/webbing slide webbing loop
  • Includes Li-Ion dedicated charger
  • Weight: 1.245 kg, length: 19cm, diameter: 7.5cm

Adjustable Goodman Handle (Aluminium)

LFM NW7 Light Head

LFM NW7 Light Head

LFM NW7 Light Head

NW7 Modes

8.6ah Battery Canister


Note: After diving with the torch we highly recommend rinsing it thoroughly. The torch is made from anodised aluminium which means it is very durable but not resistant to alkaline environment. Such environment is present near the limestone rocks for example near the reefs or in some caves.

For information on dive light / underwater torch warranties covering most manufacturers and situations please read our detailed Dive Torch Warranty Information

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