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Halcyon Element Plus Carbon Fiber Twinset Wing System

Halcyon Element Plus Carbon Fiber Twinset Wing System
Halcyon Element PLUS Halcyon Carbon Fiber Backplate Plus Rounded webbing pass-through Easily adjustable on or off the diver Integrated single tank stand Halcyon Storage Pack

The  Halcyon Element Plus Wing system, is a twin tank BC based around the popular Evolve wing and a carbon fiber backplate with Halcyon's adjustable Cinch Harness.

The system has a lift of 40 or 60 Lbs and consists of Halcyon's new and extremely light weight carbon fiber backplate complete with Cinch Harness and all hardware, crotch strap as well as MC Storage Pak and Deluxe Shoulder Pads.

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The  Halcyon Element Wing system, is a twin tank BC based around the popular Evolve wing and a carbon fiber backplate with Halcyon's Cinch Harness. The system has a lift of 40Lb or 60lb.

The Halcyon Double Tank Element Plus System includes:

  • 40 lbs or 60 lbs Evolve Wing
  • Carbon Fibre Cinch Backplate
  • Adjustable Cinch Harness
  • Crotch Strap
  • MC Storage Pak (and bolts)
  • Deluxe Shoulder pads


Halcyon Element Plus Wing SystemThe Evolve  integrates seamlessly with Halcyon's existing line of MC systems, and is available in two lift capacities, 40 lbs. (18 kg) or 60 lbs. (27 kg) lift

The Evolve's circular design allows for precise control of in-water buoyancy and trim. Horizontal trim is easily accomplished through the addition of lift at the base of the cylinders. While the typical doubles wing uses a horseshoe-shaped bladder, the Evolve draws its design inspiration from Halcyon's successful Eclipse circular bladder single-tank wing.

The Evolve builds upon Halcyon's dedication to designing gear for the advanced diver. The Evolve's development team focused on improvements in stability, buoyancy and trim control.

Gas trapping on one side or the other of the wing is virtually eliminated.

Technical divers depend upon the ability to control buoyancy by venting gas from both the inflator and the rear over-pressure valve.

The Evolve matches the Eclipse for ease of use of the rear over-pressure valve for venting gas during the dive. Wreck divers and cavers will immediately appreciate the Evolve's ease of buoyancy adjustment.

Because the Evolve's buoyancy cell circles the tanks, the wing has a much more streamlined profile than any other doubles wing on the market. It doesn't matter if you are swimming or scootering, the Evolve's profile cuts through the water with less drag and greater efficiency.

Halcyon Evolve Wing - Buy onlineThe Evolve has been extensively tested in every possible condition, from the tropics to the arctic, with aluminum and steel cylinders, with open circuit and with rebreathers.

Halcyon has worked closely with its international testing team to refine the design to create the first breakthrough in doubles wing design in decades.

Halcyon inner bladders are RF welded with a lifetime warranty on all seams.


The Halcyon Secure Harness provides an infinitely adjustable fit, eliminating the uncomfortable movement found in conventional “jacket” buoyancy compensators.

This perfectly tailored fit means that divers of all sizes can enjoy a custom diving configuration that supports unparalleled stability and diving comfort. Moreover, this unique system is easily convertible, allowing one to adjust buoyancy or quickly switch from singles to doubles.

Regardless of your future aspirations, this flexibility means your diving system can grow with you. From your first open-water dive to your 100th deep dive, Halcyon is with you all the way.

  • Secure, continuous webbing provides a custom fit; eliminates unwanted tank movement
  • Pre-bent shoulder D-rings facilitate quick storage of accessories from Scout lights to stage bottles
  • Complete adjustability of D-rings eliminates inappropriate attachment points.
  • EPDM elastic bands help secure accessories
  • SS waist buckle
  • Adjustable crotch strap enhances stability, nearly eliminating unwanted tank movement.


Halcyon Adventure Cinch Carbon Fibre BackplateThe Adventure Plus System has the special design carbon fibre backplate (as depicted here) which does not require a separate single tank adapter.

As with most Halcyon products, an immense amount of behind-the-scenes work is required to create a plate we are proud to sell. Halcyon backplates have been refined over the years to provide the highest-quality finish and materials available.

Small details like the unique bends near the bottom of the plate create an ergonomic curve, increasing diver comfort. Meanwhile the precise fabrication process ensures the quality you have come to expect from Halcyon.

Each Halcyon backplate is made to the highest quality with a detailed process eliminating any sharp edges. Utility holes allow mating with Storage Pak to stow a variety of lift devices or SMB.

What backplate to use? While not set in stone, aluminium, plastic, nylon or the more expensive carbon fiber backplates are generally preferred by traveling or wet suit divers as they are lighter than their stainless steel counterparts. The popular backplate for dry suit diving in the UK is the stainless steel, where the additional weight is a benefit (spreading out the weight needed to compensate for buoyancy while taking it off the diver's waist). Halcyon has produced two Adventure series carbon fiber backplates, one requiring the use of a single tank adapter and the other which can be used on its own with two cambands.


The Halcyon backplate pocket is the most efficient means to store any of the various Halcyon inflatable markers with ease.

Halcyon MC Storage PackStowing your favorite lift device in a Halcyon Storage Pak provides a hassle-free storage place without compromising the ability for rapid deployment of a SMB or lift bag.


  Download the Halcyon BC Manual

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