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Essential items for dive gear maintenance, equipment care and repairs. Lubricants, repair adhesives, silicone, O2 clean grease, patches and more both in store and online.

Tools & Equipment Care


Scubapro Universal Tool

The professional Scubapro Universal Tool with 13 different functions for Scubapro regulators.


Pandora Multi Tool + FREE Pouch

With FREE Pouch worth £9.95. Pandora Multi Tool is a diver’s 'Swiss knife' designed to ease field maintenance, where and when it matters. It is as small as a credit-card but has all the functions of a multi-tool, with virtually every essential tool cut into its solid frame. Available in Stainless Steel or Titanium.

Steel or Titanium

Bestdivers Wrench Multi-Tool

The stainless steel Best Divers Wrench Tool is the perfect accompaniment to any divers tool kit. Fits most of the major manufacturers hose fittings and has a lovely ergonomic feel to it. Five wrench fittings.


Bestdivers Hex Multi-Tool

Hex Multi-Tool made out stainless steel is small enought to fit in the palm. Wrench fittings: 13, 14, 15 and 17mm. Allen fittings: 4, 5, 6 and 8mm.


IST Regulator Adjustment Tool

The adjustment tool is designed to fine tune lever position and second stage gas flow, backed by a pressure gauge to determine intermediate pressure. With dual fittings, hex and slotted - interchangeable pressure gauge position and adjustable shaft length for maximum compatability.


O-Ring Pick Set

A set of three O-ring pickers of different styles made out of brass instead of steel to prevent any accidental damage to diving kit. This set comes with 2 small brushes and a tube of silicone grease.


Pandora Digital Intermediate Pressure Gauge

The Pandora Lab’s Digital Interstage Pressure (IP) Gauge offers accuracy. Simply connect to low pressure inflator hose to check that the first stage pressure is correct.


Divers Mini Multi-Tool

Eight tools in one place. The Mini Multi-Tool for on the go maintenance of dive gear. Stainless steel construction. 


OMS O-Ring Kit

The OMS replacemnt O-Ring Kit contains 16 most common types of different o-rings from HP swivel to tank neck o-rings. Two o-ring picks included.


Intermediate Pressure Gauge with Bleeder Valve

IST Intermediate Pressure Gauge with Bleeder Valve & BC Hose Connection.


Intermediate Pressure Gauge

The compact 1.5-inch diameter ultra-lightweight dual-scale intermediate pressure gauge is perfect for helping diagnose problems in the field. Plugs into any standard BC low pressure inflator hose.


Bestdivers O-ring Box

Handy small box with a selection of o-rings for tanks valves, low pressure hoses, high pressure hoses and SPG swivel pins. 40 o-rings in total.


Divers Tool Kit

Handy sized IST Divers Tool Kit for convenient maintenance of your diving equipment anywhere. From spanners to allen keys and more.


10 x Cylinder Valve O-Rings

Pack of 10 cylinder valve (A-clamp) o-rings.


Aquasure Twin Pack 2 x 7G

Aquasure sealant is industry standard for maximum strength repairs to wetsuits, drysuits or similar items. Flexible urethane formula waterproofs, seals and protects against abrasion. 2 x 7g twin pack.


Black Witch

The  Black Witch toluene free formula is suitable for quick repairs of neoprene rips and tears.


Cylinder Decanting Hose

300bar DIN Decanting Hose without gauge for cylinders. Each side has a 300 bar DIN fitting with one end having the spring-operated purge button. Ideal to decant contents of one cylinder to another.


Decanting Hose with Gauge

300bar DIN Decanting whip with gauge. The hose comes with two 300 bar ends and a 400 bar pressure gauge on one side with a spring-based purge button on the other side.


IST Technicians Tool Kit

The IST Technicians Tool Kit is designed for service technicians.


Oxygen Compatible Grease

Oxygen compatible Krytox grease in syringe. Non-migrating, odorless, non-toxic and non-flammable. 20gr.


Silicone Grease

100% Pure Silicone Lubricant. Ideal for o-rings, pressure systems, cameras and more. 1/4oz (7ml)


Tear-Aid Repair Kit

Tear-Aid is flexible, airtight, watertight, puncture-resistant and industrial-strength patch for the repair of wetsuits, drysuits and even seals.


Scubapro Dry Suit Hanger

Just slip the boots of your suit between the Scubapro Dry Suit Hanger bars and hang it head down to ensure air circulation for inner and outer drying. Extend the life of your dry suit with proper care and storage!


Waterproof Hanger

The Waterproof Wetsuit & Drysuit Hanger makes sure that the normal sharpness of a hanger doesn't damage your wetsuit or drysuit.


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