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Apeks Cylinder Pressure Tester

The Apeks Cylinder Pressure Tester comes with push button vent. DIN fitting. A 360bar HP gauge that can be fitted to a cylinder to check the pressure.


Cylinder Decanting Hose

300bar DIN Decanting Hose without gauge for cylinders. Each side has a 300 bar DIN fitting with one end having the spring-operated purge button. Ideal to decant contents of one cylinder to another.


Cylinder Pressure Tester

Test the pressure of your tanks before heading off for a dive site. High quality DIN fitting pressure testing gauge with release valve to gauge tank content pressure.


Decanting Hose with Gauge

300bar DIN Decanting whip with gauge. The hose comes with two 300 bar ends and a 400 bar pressure gauge on one side with a spring-based purge button on the other side.