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Scuba diving tanks and cylinders shipped throughout the country for single tank diving. From 10 litre to 12 litre and 15 litre, popular size scuba tanks available to order online or pick up in store.



Faber Steel Cylinder

O2 clean 232bar single diving cylinder with a high quality and robust MDE valve. Comes complete with rubber cylinder boot. Available sizes: 10L, 12L and 15L.


3L Aluminum Cylinder

O2 clean 3L white Aluminium 232bar cylinder with mono valve for scuba diving.


Euro Steel Cylinder

O2 clean steel 232bar Euro cylinder with cylinder boot and valve. Available sizes: 10L, 12L and 15L.


12L Concave Steel Cylinder with Mono Valve

12 litre 232 bar O2 clean steel Euro flat (concave) bottom cylinder without cylinder boot.


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